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Houston Tx, United States

Hello this morning I walked into shells to get gas and buy some Core water. Every time I go into the store now I notice the Core water is up to high for me to reach it, so I always ask a cashier if they could get two core waters down for me. I never had a problem up until now at 8255 Mills Rd Houston TX 77064. I was at register 1 op ID:91 at 8:49am. I shop and get gas only at shells stores. I've been a loyal customer to shells even when I go out of town for over 10 yrs. I still stop at shells always no other gas station. When I asked the cashier behind the register nicely if he could get me the water cause I couldn't reach it. He just looked at me as if I hadn't asked him, then he didn't move, so one of the customers came and got two of them down for me which I thanked him. I even waited for the customer to still go ahead of me even after making it back to the register before the customer did. It was only one customer, the cashier and mysel which I was willing to wait until the cashier got done with the customer to get the water down for me. I told the cashier that I wanted $23.00 on pump 5 twice, but he put $20.00 which I noticed once the pump stopped and I looked at my receipt. While I was putting my PIN number in to pay. The cashier gone tell me he busy he not gone be helping me get water down. I told him what you mean you wasn't busy and helping me is a part of your job which is called customer service. I told him I will be reaching out to someone over him. He was so rude and if I was a angry person that would have went all bad. Something needs to be done because I do go there often and I shouldn't be treated lesser, than a customer. I even thought about blasting my experience on social media and to the BBB. I felt discriminated against the way he came at me. All the time I've been going to this location no one has ever had an issue with helping customers anytime I've asked for assistance. No one should feel like they not valued as a customer when they are a paying customer. I'm a writer and I also will write about this experience. Just like Oprah talked about her experience when she went into a store to shop. You don't know who is entering your locations and everyone should be treated equal period and if they not gone value their customers, then why are they working there??? No different, then pushing beers or whatever to the front for a customer to grab it. That's what cashiers do they suppose to assist when a customer needs help. Have a good day.


Oct 26, 2018

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