Shell / cashiers changing product prices as marked and short changing customers.

Cincinnati, OH, United States

The Shell on North Bend Road in Cincinnati, Ohio, tried to short change my friend and I and also add tax to all the food purchases me made. I noticed this once I got into my car and immediately went back inside to ask for a refund. The cashier would not refund my puchase until my friend also pointed out they had not given her, her correct change back. As I was trying to receive my refund other customers entered and left once they overheard the cashier refusing to not only give back my friend's correct change but help me as well. I told the manager, Simon, about the incident and he told me that "he was a church going man, " which baffled me as it has absolutely nothing to do with stealing from customers. Last time I checked, going to church does not make you not a thief. Maybe I'm wrong? Regardless, if you're reading this and come across this Shell, please go down the street to Speedway and keep your money. Thank you for your time reading this.

Aug 11, 2016

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