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Shell / car wash

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Car wash was closed at 4:30 pm and the staff cited the reason it was cold.

Very unfair and he asked me to go to the petro canada station.

Why did I buy the 90 days pass if this is the case ?

This is my third experience with this station and I had to go to warden station which is almost 30 minutes from my place and wait in a queue for almost 1 hour.

I need a remedial action ASAP with compensation for my time and stress caused.


Jan 1, 2018
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  • Ma
      1st of Jan, 2018
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    Lmao !!! Stress?’ Are you [censor] serious? You knob. Get your lazy [censor] out in the cold and wash your own damn car. Jesus. Stress... i want your stress. You are an entitled tool.

  • Bh
      15th of Jan, 2018
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    Totally agree. I too have a shell 90 days season pass and every other day they are closed due to some reason and on the top of it they dont even provide a free coupon to compensate the miss day. Will never buy their season pass ever. I think Petro Canada is better and will try that next time.

  • Ra
      23rd of Jan, 2018
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    What i wrote in a previous comment...

    I am in the same boat, and many other Canadians that got duped into buying this car wash card. I have contacted shell, they said they would have someone call me back about the situation and it has been three weeks now and no call. I have got to wash my car 7 times out of the last 20 days! That's right, ONLY 7 times in 20 days. My local car wash in Hamilton on Queenston Rd and Cenntennial Parkway has been closed almost every weekend, and has even been closed when the weather was in plus temperatures. And to top that off, when I went in and asked the employee why it has been closed soo many times, he just said "oh i don't know why, go to the one in ancaster or burlington."

    So basically I bought this card to save money, but now I should waste time and gas driving 20-25kms each way to go get a car wash from one of your other locations? Shell has no customer service at all.

    This car wash card in my opinion is one of the biggest scams Shell has come up with. If you are plan on buying a car wash pass, buy a PETRO CANADA PASS, if their washes are closed, which they barely are, they will gladly give you a ticket for a future wash. While Shell basically tells you that your are out of luck. This is very un acceptable! I have posted on their facebook page, and on a few forums and have not heard one thing back from them. What kind of way is this to do business?

    Also, on a side note, I had a friend that worked for a Shell gas station, and he advised me that once a certain amount of washes go through a single gas station that gas station owner or manager shuts the wash down so he doesn't have to waste anymore money on water, and wash supplies, as Shell only pays for a certain amount of washes a day. Don't quote me on this as I don't know if it is 100% true, and if any other gas stations do this, but at this particular one my friend worked at he said this was their policy, no matter the weather they would shut it down when they capped out on washes. That is simply FRAUD! And I know what some of you are going to say, "it says it right on the card that they will not do anything about the wash being close" Well that is again simply unacceptable!!! A big company like shell should stand behind what they sell!

    DO NOT BUY A SHELL CAR WASH PASS!!! In fact, don't even pump gas there, do you really want to support a company that so blatantly rips off their customers and doesn't even have the courage to reply back to customer complaints? I know I don't, and i haven't pumped gas from there for 3 weeks now, so that is 4 full tanks of gas in my truck i usually use in 3 weeks, with gas at about $1.20/l and a 100lt tank in my truck that's about $480 dollars I haven't spent at shell that I normally would, Now my big question, to all the people out there, if we all banned together and stopped pumping from these scammers they would definitely feel the hit. So who's game ? Boycott until they treat customers right.

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