Sheetzrude register employee/ forcible removal

Hello, I was at sheetz on Pugh street in downtown state college. It was approximately 2 am and I had just gotten off work. I was waiting in line behind a man who appeared to be paying with lion cash but his form of payment was not accepted. I had never met him in my life and I generously offered to pay for his meal if he venmod me. The guy said " I cannot serve you, next customer please" I asked for a pack of juul pods politely. The man then walked up to one of his superiors who approached both of us and said that we were using vulgar language/ being extremely rude. I explained how I had never met the person In my life and that I was only offering to help him pay. The man then said that he "saw us walk In together" and that we knew each other but his hat was extremely low as he apathetically looked down and did his job. I was then grabbed by my collar by a security guard and removed with excessive force as I politely explained that this was a big mistake. The person working at the register was mouthing off, making false accusations and I don't think that him having a long night or a bad day constitutes me being thrown out of sheetz after I had done nothing wrong. I would like to see this person either be fired or removed from the convenient store. I felt rejected and very uncomfortable with his attitude and overall treatment with me as a sober, polite and paying customer.

Apr 30, 2017

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