Sheetz / manager at store 333

Salem, VA, United States

I placed my order and I noticed notes stating that there were no diced onions or peach purée and I thought no problem- my order didn't contain those things- my order did contain a sub a salad a Kona mocha and fries. After placing the order I was informed by the person behind the counter that you were out of almond milk- I said no problem just use skim - she said she couldn't bc she needed me to submit the whole order again- I said just the kona mocha ? She said no the whole order- so I did then she came back again saying I put the same salad in and I said yes and she told me that she had said you were out of mixed greens - I said you did not say that- my husband said u did not tell her that- she said well I meant to- I asked for mgr and she said she was the mgr- long story short in the end I was given no offers to appease me and I was not given the kona mocha that I paid for when she personally handed my husband the order without it- we realized it wasn't there 5 min up the road


Oct 28, 2018

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