Shaw Direct / Star Choice / hidden disclaimers

Cornwall, ON, Canada

Shaw Direct salesman sold me a Ontario value package with a beutifull well designed brochure he swore we would get 150 channels and his brochure stipulated there where 34 HD channels at no extra cost I took the time to confirm with the sales agent ( Arun ) that this was infact correct after installing this dish I could only access very few channels and only 12 HD channels that where pretty much useless when I tried contacting the salesman he did not answer his cell phone I then contacted Shaw Direct and they made out like they did not know what I was talking about then pointed out the on the reverse side of the brochure convenientlly hidden in a coloured stripe so small that I could not read it even with my prescription glasses that you must suscribe to other packages in order to get these HD channels even though it indicates clearly on the brochure that there are 50 + HD channels and that 34 of them are absolutelly at no extra cost. I proceeded to try to cancel my package and was met with some resistance and a huge shuffle to other agents for a painfully long wait times where I was constantly asked to wait a few days to speak to the direct sales agent they finally got him to answer his phone and he lied saying that he had warned me of this which was actually the opposit of what he did he instead tried to hand me a different brochure that was clearer there was a catch and tried to rush me through the sign up process always leading me to believe I would receive the complete package advertised on the initial brochure very deceiving campaing there should be a law against this sort of thing the brochure was definnatelly desingned in such a way as to decieve everyone and there is no doubt in my mind that this salesman new exactly what he was doing.

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