Shaw / changing conditions of service that I didn't agree to.

Alberta Canada, Canada
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We have been satellite subscribers since 2000 when we bought a cottage with the service. It was Starchoice then and we could pay one price and have it at our home and at the cottage. This worked out great as we took a premium service because we were only paying 1 fee. Then Shaw bought Starchoice and things started to change. We are need service at our home but to get it I have to start paying 50% more a month to have the 2 locations. We stayed with shaw because they were the only service that didn't charge for 2 places.
Why is it they can change the conditions of my contract without telling me? I'm really ticked off now because after being out of the city for the summer I have almost no reception because of a neighbor's tree and my dish needs an upgrade for a 3rd satellite. My bill is always paid on time. I've started shopping around for tv service providers although I really don't want to change I want the agreement I had to be honoured.

Sep 18, 2017

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