Sephorasephora scam

I have nothing good to say about Sephora, they are terrible and I hate them! I had the worst experience and I still haven't received my refund or my order.
I bought some make up from them and paid over $200, but never received anything.
Later Sephora told me that my order was cancelled because they were not able to deliver to my address. I asked about my money and they assured me there was nothing to worry about and said I'll get a refund within a week. That never happened.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Francisco, CA
Then I received a message from Sephora and thought that maybe there was finally some news about my money, but NO! In that message they asked me to leave a feedback about their service and products. What a joke! But then I thought that wasn't such a bad idea and left a review where I told them how disgusted I was with them. And as you can see I'm still writing reviews. I want everyone to know what Sephora is, and I want to warn people about what can happen with them if they decide to buy from Sephora. Avoid them!

May 15, 2017

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