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Like other reviewers I WAS a loyal customer of Sears. I bought an extended service plan for a GE double oven. A lot of electronics and costly to fix so a servicec plan is a good idea. The oven broke after 2+ years, I called and scheduled service. The technician arrives opens up the oven then says "Oh I can't work on this without pulling it out of the cabinet. It weighs 300+lbs and I'll need a lift and a 2nd repairman to assist. Since they had all this information in their database, why couldn't they plan ahead. I make a 2nd appointment and get the usual sometime between 8am - 5pm, which is a horrible inconvenience. 5pm comes for the 2nd appointment no repairman. I call up and am told that they cancelled my appointment because a 2nd repairman wasn't available. I ask to speak to a supoervisor and the lady refuses, but assures me I'll be the first appointment next time. By now I've wasted 2 entire work days on this. 3rd appointment comes and big surprise I am not the 1st appointment of the day. Its 11am still no repairman. I call service again and have to request 6 times to speak with a supervisor finally demanding it, Carla gets on the phone, I request to speak with the Service Manager (have him call me) she refuses and says she'll only leave a note for the repairman to call me. Now its not the repairmans fault, he doesn't create his schedule, it is given to him. So what good is it to have the repairman call me. Just to be clear this is not a complaint against the repairmen, they work very hard, do excellent work and are usually very pleasant. The problem is with the service operators and the Service management. Sears has lost a long-time customer, and buyers beware I have heard that Sears is trying to get contracts with Home Depot and Lowes for their service. Makes sure to ask who does their service.

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      Oct 11, 2008

    If you read this you will NEVER use a maid service again!!

    First off, I had a hot date and hoped to take her back to my place..."you know, to have some milk and read the Bible".

    I can't believe I tried to use this service but I didn't have time to clean up myself. I needed maid service so I thought I would try someone that I found online. Big mistake!!! Even their website is down now. It's now just a bunch of lewd advertisements.

    I talked to them and they said they could come out the next day but it would cost me an extra $20 bucks. I guess I'm a sucker.

    I left the door of my apartment unlocked so they could get in.

    When I got back home, they had left a note on the door saying it was going to cost extra to clean my apartment. WTF!! I already paid an extra $20 bucks for same day service. When I went in they had not even cleaned and you will NEVER believe what I found in the bathroom. You have got to look at the pictures. Prepare to be disgusted. Warning!!! Graphic!!! Not for youth.

    I was really upset!! I am on a tight budget anyway. I save most of my money my cigarettes (Benson & Hedges) and I like to eat out once in a while. That's about all the pleasure I get out of life. (well, except for an occasion date)

    I have posted pictures of my apartment on this website. When you see these you're gonna see why I was disgusted.

    It wasn't all that dirty. I even left some cleaning supplies out and I took my cats to a friends so that they were not in the way.

    I'm really pissed!!! I want my $20 bucks back that I payed with my credit card.

    Thanks for listening.

    Cheers. Chad


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      May 18, 2010
    Sears Service - broken icemaker in fridge
    Sears Service
    4051 E Geddes Circle
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I have been a very loyal Sears Customre for over 40 years. I have always used Sears service to fix my Sears appliances. I have always been satisfied with the quality and the bill for the services rendered. On April 28th Technician #0627158 came to fix my Icemaker on my Kenmore Refridgerator. He was here for approx 15 minutes and replaced a valve. The cost of the valve was $87.87 and my total bill was $291.89. I questioned him regarding the cost of the job and he basically was rude . The next day I called the service number to complain about the bill. Apparently Sears does not hire CUSTOMER SERVICE people. ..they hire people to argue with you when you call to complain. I would appreciate you looking into this matter.
    Christine Heatherman
    4051 E Geddes Circle
    Centennial, Co, 80122

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      Oct 16, 2010
    Sears Service - appointment time not kept
    2750 Marcia Blvd.
    Cuyahoga Falls
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I had an appointment today 10-16-2017 for a repair on my snow blower from 8-12. At 11:11 a.m., I received a call that they would not arrive until 12:30-1:00 p.m. I rearranged my schedule to be available and they didn't honor their commitment. To make matters worse, I had to make two different appointments for 2 different products and I am sure I will have to go through the same thing next saturday on 10-23-2017

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      Oct 16, 2010

    Has nothing to do with "real life", This is just how sears runs the service department. Do a search on any site about Sears or their A&E Factory Service and you see the same stuff over and over again.

    They offer poor customer service & hire just about anybody to service your equipment.

    Stealth pilot what catagory do you fall under?

    1. Employed by sears or A&E?
    2. Want to be employed by Sears or A&E?
    3. Have never used there services?
    4. Was just looking for something to reply to?

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      May 10, 2011
    Sears Service - service
    164 Varsity Cr NW
    Phone: [protected]

    Water Softner went out, Apr 25th. Sears scheduled repair for May 5th. I waited all day and no one showed up, they re-scheduled for May 6th, 12-4PM. On May 6th, no one showed up again. I called several times during the day and they said the service guy would contact me. Service guy never called. I finally called Sears around 3-30PM. They said they re-scheduled it to May 10th, 12-4PM. No one called me about the re-schedule, I HAD TO CALL THEM! So May 10th comes and Sears Service calls and tells me I'm on for 8-12PM. Well I worked my day around so I could be home between 12-4PM as per their previous schedule. I wait till around 9AM and Sears calls to tell me no one will be there and they re-scheduled it to May 11th, 12-4PM. To sum this up:
    May 5th Sears cancels service
    May 6th Sears cancells service
    May 10 Sears cancells service
    May 11th who knows what will happen, Sears may cancell this service too!!!
    Each time I had to re-arrange my plans so I could work around Sears Service and each time no one shows!!!
    I also have a feeling this complaint goes on deaf ears and probably will only go no where as many other complaints.

    If you wish to contact me, I'm at [protected] or if there is no human to talk to, you e-mail me at [protected]

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