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Sears / terrible quality product!

1 Laguna Beach, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 9498746120

My husband and I were engaged to be married so we decided to renovate our home. Upon completing of construction, our final touch was to add a new dishwasher. We went to the Sears Outlet store in Santa Ana, California. Once there at the outlet store, we asked the associate for help in finding the best machine offered at that store. She directed us to the “Bosch” dishwasher because it was a “best seller” and the one they had in stock, we were told, had only “cosmetic damage” and had been put through the Sears “all-points inspection”. She assured us that the machine had only suffered a small scratch on the front panel and that this was the only flaw; we were reassured that the machine would run perfectly as it should, as if it were brand new. The unit was delivered to our home. The following day the Sears tech came out to set up the machine, after running a test he said the machine was missing a part and should never have been sold in this condition, he said he would order the part, to be delivered to our home, and he would come back in 10 days to get the machine in working order. He turned off water and machine, and said that “in the meanwhile the machine may leak a little water, and nothing more than a towel and a fan to dry it out, I will see you when the part arrives”. That night the dishwasher began to leak more and more water, and this is where our mistreatment and neglect on Sears part began.

Both my wife and I made between 40-50 logged phone calls to different entities of Sears such as, legal dept., corporate office etc. Anyone within the Sears Corp. we called and left messages only to get the run-around and completely mistreated and very rudely spoken to. We have both been long time customers of Sears, my husband has been a “Sears Plus” member for over fifteen years. He and I were saddened and disgusted, at this poor demonstration of customer service. We told your Sears employee that our kitchen was submerged under water from the machine they sold us, the machine that THEIR tech came out to help us set up, had and was continuing to destroy our home. We begged and pleaded with them (many Sears’s employees) to send any one out to help us.

We were told by the Sears employee that this was not their problem and an assessor would be out in 8 days to evaluate the problem. As our home sat in stagnant water, our new construction ruined, soaking and warping, and using our brand new towels and linens that were our engagement gifts to soak up the water.

Our entire kitchen, dinning room, living room, closets, cabinets and wine cellar area were already destroyed and sitting, stagnant, in hot water. We immediately grabbed all of our towels and sheets, any thing within arms reach to stop this destruction to our newly constructed home to absorb the over flow of water. I watched all my antiques and wedding gifts, everything we owned and valued, sitting, soaking in water.

The hardest thing to accept is that all of this could have been resolved in a much quicker manor, if procedures had been taken more seriously and done correctly, on Sears’ part. All of this destruction and havoc would not have ruined what was supposed to be the happiest time in our lives. Instead this whole event has caused me and my family NEEDLESS stress and heart ache because of Sears neglect and misconduct.

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  • Ju
      6th of Feb, 2008

    I wish I could have actually talked to someone in Customer Service with Sears about the experience that I've just had, but anytime I asked to talk to a supervisor or customer service, they would not transfer my call. So, I can't even complain to Sears since I can't even get through to someone at Sears to complain to! Quite Infuriating!

    It started when I ordered a refrigerator last December (after mine broke). I told the salesman exactly which size refrigerator and which kind of door opening (Right-Hand). The salesman poked around on the computer, gave me a price, I paid for it and we set up a delivery date of January 12 (It was a special order). I got a computer call on January 11, stating my delivery window was from 11-1pm the next day, so I was happy that I would finally have a refrigerator in my house, since I had gone through the holidays with no refrigerator at all. January 12 comes and half way through my delivery window, I
    get a call from Sears stating that they don't have my refrigerator. So, I ask, why was I called with a delivery window just the day before?? Of course, they have no answer to my question. They said they didn't know where the refrigerator was. Hmmm... Isn't that what inventory is for?? I received phone calls every day with a computer message to call Sears. So, of course, I call them back, go through all the information, my phone number, my address, etc... (mind you, you have to do this EVERY time to speak to someone new), I finally get to a representative, telling my story yet again, only to find out, there was no new information. I question why I keep receiving phone calls on a daily basis to which they have no answer. Then, I finally get a call the following week (about Jan 16th) saying they have my refrigerator and I scheduled the date for this second delivery for January 19th. Mind you, I paid extra to have the delivery done on a Saturday to save some of my time. Ironic now isn't it? So, I have already sacrificed one Saturday waiting for that call from Sears to tell me when it is convenient for them to deliver my merchandise. So, here I am again, waiting for another Saturday for this refrigerator to be delivered. January 19th comes and I see the Sears truck pull up to my house. They start to take the packaging off my new refrigerator when the delivery guy tells me we have a problem. The door opens the wrong way. Rest assured, I can use this "loaner refrigerator" until the correct one is ordered and delivered. I spoke to a Sears rep that morning after the delivery guy talked with them. She told me a supervisor would call me to get this straightened out. I wait for a few days. No call from a supervisor. So, I spend another couple of days waiting on hold, explaining my story multiple times, trying to find out what happened to the supervisor that is supposed to call me. I was told that there was no note in my record to have a supervisor call So, at this point I am livid at the fact that I can't get help from anyone and I am lied to about having a supervisor call. In speaking to yet another representative, I am told I will have to wait another 2 weeks since it is a special order. In the meantime, that past weekend, the exact same refrigerator was on sale at Sears for $50 less than what I paid. I asked for compensation for all of the trouble and time Sears had caused me in these past 5 weeks (mind you, I would guess at this point I had wasted at least 8 hours of my time between waiting for deliveries, waiting on the phone, explaining the story over and over again). I was told the only thing that could be done is to give me a $50 gift certificate to Sears. So, I'm thinking that after all the trouble that Sears caused me, I get a gift certificate and have to shop again at Sears??? I find it appalling that I received no help and no compensation for my trouble, unless you count all the times I heard "I'm sorry for the inconvenience".

    I am so angry at this point, I spend more time, go to the store where I originally purchased the refrigerator and cancel my order. Of course, this took about an hour since I had to explain to the employee, who had to call an 800 number, then I had to talk to the 800 number until I thought we had everything straight. So, Sears was to come to my house and pick up the "loaner fridge" on January 26th and give me a full refund. Another saturday that I get to wait around for the Sears delivery crew to come by and pick up the loaner. If only the refund included all the hours I wasted of my time on multiple saturdays as well as on the phone.

    So, now all I need is to have my money refunded. I wait 10 days and don't see any refund of any kind. I call the 800 number... again, they tell me to call the store I purchased it from. I call the store, they tell me to call the 800 number. I finally convince the store that I am not calling back and forth. They start investigating the problem. Finally, I have a name and a phone number of someone I can talk to about whats going on. They then tell me that there is no record of the "loaner refrigerator" in their system. I think to myself "Of course there isn't". How many things can go wrong with this one item??? After a few more phone calls, I am assured that my refund is in the mail. I have not received it as of yet, but hope the refund is the correct amount... although after this experience, I would not be at all surprised if the refund amount is incorrect.

    I honestly don't know how Sears can stay in business when they treat their customers in the manner that I have been treated in these past few weeks. One can only hope a company that has such poor customer service will not stay in business much longer. I spent countless hours trying to understand where the disconnect was happening, in between calling numerous 800 numbers explaining my story hundreds of times.

    So, I write this letter up and submit it to Sears Customer Service and my response from them is "We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the delivery of your merchandise. We want to make sure your issue is addressed, so please contact our Home Delivery group at 1-800-SEARS-47 (1-800-732-7747) for assistance" which is of course the 800 number that I had called before and would not transfer me to a supervisor or customer service.

    This is just the first of a number of appliances that I am going to be replacing and if you read this whole complaint, I'm sure you see where I will not be purchasing any more appliances.

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  • Lo
      16th of May, 2008

    I purchased a Sears Washer/Dryer unit in Sept. 2007. Within one week of the delivery, I had the repairman out there. He has since been back on numerous occasions. Just getting him to my house, is usually a good week delay, and then the frequently cancel and reschedule on me too. ANYWAY, the latest problem is going to cost $700.00 to fix. The unit was $1100.00, which Sears has spent more than that to fix this lemon so far. I want a new unit, but Sears told me they will not replace it. I didn't have my washer/dryer working the week of Christmas (and I had a lot of company), now I am not going to have it for the Memorial Day Weekend holiday, and again am having a lot of family visiting. I don't know what I can do. The warranty is up in Sept. 2008, and if (when) it breaks, I am not going to be able to afford to fix it. I am 73 years old and on Social Security with a fixed income. I could never be able to come up with $700.00 to fix this thing.

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  • Lu
      18th of Feb, 2013

    So the water to the unit was turned off, yet it still leaked water somehow. You didn't question this when the tech was out? Use some logic people! Seems obvious to me that THE WATER WAS NOT OFF! DO you not have some basic sense or knowledge of your own home on how to turn off the water to specific rooms or fixtures? I'm amazed at the lack of common sense from the average consumer.

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