Sears Canada / Kenmore / Poor service/warranty/compensation

SK, Canada

Purchased a new fridge & stove from Sears did not purchase extra warranty as has never needed it with past purchases. 4 months after my 1yr warranty is up my stove quits (electronics in back melt).After much time on hold talk to service rep who says he can make an appointment for someone to look at it.Well when you live in Rural Sask. than can take some time and because my 1yr warranty was up it was going to cost me( we live 2 hrs from any major city).Took it to a local repair man 40km away! He thinks he can fix it but is going to be over 3/4 of what the original purchase price was.After many transfers was able to talk to a supervisor at sears who said because I did not deal with a sears tech. they would not be able to help me with the cost .She did offer me a 25$ gift certificate and said should decide to purchase a new unit through them she could possibly offer a discount.I'm thinking "NOT".So much for Sears wonderful customer service!

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