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This is an online publishing company called Scout Publishing or I cannot find a business address for the company.

They have a totally bogus condition in place regarding credits and refunds. I ordered a gift subscription of their online and print magazines called NY Jets Confidential (football team news). I paid $80 for the gift and charged it to my credit card. At the beginning of January, they charged my card again, without notifying me, for another year’s subscription. I notified them in writing and via multiple (unanswered) telephone calls that I wanted to terminate my subscription, that I didn’t authorize the charge, and that I wanted my money back. Finally today I spoke to a live person, who informed me that they have a no refund policy. He said that I would have had to ask for cancellation before January 1st in order to not be charged and since I didn’t, it was not their problem. He also said that these conditions were sent to me, but they weren’t. The company sent them to the party receiving the gift, not to me who’s the person they’re making pay for the service.

I have a real problem with this. My argument is what good is the law that they have to notify me of their terms and conditions and that I have to agree to them if I never receive and approve those terms? They could have sent them to anyone in the world! The point is, I didn’t have that information and I am the one paying for it.

On top of it all, them man I spoke to was abusive. I don’t think that companies should be able to get away with blatant abuse of “terms and conditions” statements. I want to make this very public and hurt their reputation as I am sure others have had the same experience.


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