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Lifetime membership

I just recently checked my checking acct trans and noticed a $36.00 withdrawal for a US24/7 Sport San Francisco purchase. I called the company to inquiry about it and was informed, it was a subscription payment for North American Fishmen. I informed the agent, I purchased a lifetime membership, years ago. Why were they billing me. He just said, "He knows nothing about that program.and If I wanted to cancel my subscription?" If there is an ongoing litigation going against NAF, please include me in.


I became a lifetime member in 1997
Have been unable to get a hold of someone.
I have not been receiving my magazine
My new number is [protected]
My member number is 091392
My address is 2060 E Co Rd 650 N, Carthage Il 62321
May have had a mix up in the mailing address and the magazine was returned.
Would appreciate any help in getting this magazine back I miss this magazine
My wife's email is [protected]


I paid for a lifetime subscription but never received my free gifts and monthly magazines? I would've loved getting the free gifts it promised. How I found out about this organization from a North American Fishing magazine. It said I could be life time member when I paid the dues and recieve free fishing gifts. I tried every way to contact them by phone, websites and other magazines. I just want what they promised.

Lifetime membership

Member number [protected]
I paid the price for a Lifetime Membership, and now what? In the beginning, I really liked it. Later on, I started getting things in the mail I didn't want or need. The bill for these items came with a hefty return price if I didn't want or need any of these.
I complained in 2011, and then everything just stopped. No more magazines, which I really like, no correspondence about the Club, nothing.
So, what happened to the Club? What happened to the Lifetime Members that paid for their Lifetime Memberships?
Zip, nada, not a word of anything else from this organization. Who does that to the hard working, American, fishermen and fisherwomen, without any explanation ?
Why hasn't the Department of Justice looked into this and dealt with it in an equal justice under the law way? I saw a YouTube video of Steve Park., the top guy, say that there's over 440, 000 members for life already. Sure, that was a while back. What happened with this group? What happened to me?
I guess I am screwed by this group, and the justice system, but I'm going to find out more. This should be a class action against the North American Fishing Club.

Lifetime membership

life membership

I want a refund for my life membership. I paid for a NAFC life membership and nothing remains of what I paid for. I want my money back from this scam organization. There was no notice that this company was going away or that the services we paid for would just vanish without notice. That is a lot of money to STEAL from people without any kind of repercussions and this is completely unacceptable.

club membership

I am not complaining about the club, but have a question as to how I can receive information about my life membership. I am a life member, but several years ago i became unwell and lost all that i had and am now just getting my bearing back. I mis the magazine and information that i once had. i have moved from my last address and would like to hear from the club.
Thank You
William Baird

north american fishing club / life membership

This is Scott Dolatowski
I have not heard from this company in a long time! You guys owe me! I paid for the North American Fishing Club / life membership. I am one pissed off fisherman here!
Got a few magazines and then you guys disappeared! So much for life membership You can take your fancy patch that I never put on anything and stick it were the sun don't shine!

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    amdffemt Nov 23, 2018

    They got your money and threw you out in the cold. Same thing with the hunting club.

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life membership

I got magazines and test products nothing big when I was an annual member so I decided to become a life member in 1996 got all the gifts they promised after I paid my for dues got the mnagazine and some small stuff for a couple of years then nothing I have tried writeing calling can get anyone or any response — If someone can take legal action against this organization if the still exist I wish they would
Jim Wheeler

lifetime membership

If anyone starts a class action lawsuit, count me in! I became a Life Member in March, 1997. Haven't heard a...

lifetime membership

This is David Penton I payed for lifetime membership and have not gotten any communication of any kind and...

not receiving my life membership benefits

I paid for the life membership about five years ago I stopped receiving the benefits about a year later. I want all my money back for the life membership. I got the membership when I was 16 and saved every penny I got so I could get the membership and I maybe got a years worth out of the membership benefits. I want the money back that I paid. I am very disappointed.

life membership

I paid for a life membership twenty some years ago .. I've been a member since 02/89 ... Paid annually for...

life member=forget about you

I became a life member many years ago, and all of a sudden they just quit sending magazines or anything for that matter. I sure wish I could get an explination, pay all the money and bam! Gone. That Steve guy sure seems like a big shiester! I would love it to start receiving a magazine again, or get my money refunded, maybe the customized rod and reel that they promised me for signing up as a life member that I never received! Shame on you NAFC! Or maybe it was shame on me for trusting fellow outdoorsmen/women involved in this scam.

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    Kenneth Clark Mar 16, 2018

    I am a shame to admit that I spent $250 for the lifetime membership back in around 2010, even though many folk here in Kansas City, Missouri warned me against it. During that time I received a monogrammed rod and reel with a carry bag and a few magazines. I also received a few small items for field testing, and a few books. But when I canceled the book subscription, due to personal financial difficulties, it all ended with no explanation. I attempted to call them and forgot my membership number, so they sent me a new card back around 2012 or so. At that point my biggest complaint was not receiving any magazines and when I was, that there wasn't any focus on members who can only fish from the shore. Another words fishing adivce for those who cannot afford a boat or to travel. More recently there has been nothing. When exploring online for more info, there are plenty of places to log a complaint. It does feel as though we have been scammed or at the very least forgotten.

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unethical behaviour...

My husband bought a Life Member several years ago. He got some gifts and no chance to test new products. The magazine kept coming, then all of a sudden everything stopped. I can't even get on the website. What is wrong.
Also, I am a Life Member to the Cooking Club of America. They are related clubs. All of my magazines and test products have stopped as well. Again, WHAT IS WRONG!!!

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    mickey1971 Feb 05, 2018

    I bought the same for my son years ago, everything stopped n never heard from them stopped getting books etc, n never got what they were suppose to get

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lifetime membership paid in full with no benefits received

My husband is a lifetime member with dues being paid in full for several years. They have not sent any...

I am a lifetime member, and should have known something was up even from the start.

They sent me the free rod and reel gift set for becoming a lifetime member. That was great but the reel did...

Unethical behaviour

I am a 72 year old woman who joined as a lifetime member in 2013. I have been sending them emails for over...


Member#[protected] been a member for a number of years . I paid $48.00 for a total of 48 months for...

Reference number [protected]

I responded to the request to become a trophy life member and paid the membership fee of $129.00 dated...

Lifetime memeber

I have been a lifetime member for over 10 years and for last 5 years I have not received anything from them...