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SBI Card / payment dispute

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The AVP,Customer Service
State Bank Of India,Card(SBI Card)

Dear Sir,

Sub:- Account dispute
Ref:-A/C No -[protected]
I may please beb allowed tyo bring following points to your knowledge. That, I had several correspondences through Email with your Manager ,customer Service in respect of above referred account which belongs to my son Sri Diptiman Mukherjee. Some disputes are still persisting which needs to be resolved for which your Manager,customer service advised me to contact yoyu.
In this connection you may kindly refer my earlier mail dated 17 August 2007wherein, all the expenditures against the above said account had been shown by me and I clearly indicated my disagreement towards the bill figuring Sr No 06 i.e. expenditure of Rs 16549 at Viswa Ratna Hotel , Guwahati. My experience says once a customer denies his bill then it becomes the duty of vendor to supplement the same with the help of supporting documents. But in this case the dealing was different. Instead of co operating me your Manager has started telling me the rules and regulation of VISA. I NEVER SAID THAT IT WOULD NOT BE PAID BUT,WE REQUIRE THE PROOF OF EXPENDITURE.Now I shall explain why such doubt generated in my mind which encouraged me to check all the bills from each clients.
(1)In a case against above referred account, in the statement of September 2007 Rs 61.80 has been charged for cheque collection. I immediately asked to furnish the details of cheque which was not possible because no such cheque was issued by my son. Same was rectified after two months after compounding the interest as per your Visa formula in a concealed manner without accepting their own fault.
Till such time what I have said that is regarding to my son;s account,now please come to my own account([protected]),which I gladly started because it was told by your agent that this is part of SBI. Initially your service was very good; your all activities were transparent. Your game started from September,2007.
(2)In the statement updated 12.9.07 the out standing amount shown as Rs 2880.55.I immediately protested and it was corrected to Rs 2348.82(refer status20.9.07).
(3)In another case against credit of Rs 6615 ,you charged pre-computed interest, Flexi pay processing fees etc(refer unbilled transition dated 12.9.07).When I shouted, this was rectified(vide your mail dated 21.9.07).
(4)In another case I paid Jeevan sathi .com Rs 1041 through credit card but my outstanding amount reflected as Rs1041x2=2082 i.e. just double the actual amount(refer status dated 2.121.07).To prove the actual expenditure I had to submit a copy of bill taken from Jeevan
All I have narrated above to show that it is your practice to charge excess bill and if customer remains silent you started mounting pressure on him , the same you started with my son.
To sum up the matter I once again want to mention that regarding the above referred account I cannot pay the amount if you do not show me the bill and voucher of Rs 16549.Another matter I think is required to be brought to your knowledge which is relevant and taken by your Manager to solve the dispute. In his mail dated 19 Oct ,2007 he send me local phone No 033 [protected]/3982 5772 to contact local payment Assistance unit. I tried twice but, unfortunately no one was there to lift the phone In his mail dated 20 December ,2007 he again gave another set of local number based at Bhubeneswar (I do not understand how Bhubeneswar could be the local office of Ranch) to sort out the problem. I immediately contacted your representative there(at 2.15 PM on 28.12.07) but he was too busy to talk to me. He assured me to talk to me afterwards which am yet to receive. This I am telling because there was all out efforts made by me to resolve the dispute but your office is not interested to solve it rather, there is a hidden intention to stretch it as far as possible to increase the interest part. I also want to mention you that I have paid excess amount and it’s interest as well as principal has reached to Rs 21293.87 and you have to pay it back if, you can not substantiate the claim of Rs 16549 by providing documents.
Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

(T K Mukherjee)
F/O Diptiman Mukherhjee
Vigilance Department
Darbhanga house.
CCL ,Ranchi 834001

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  • Di
      12th of Jan, 2008


    My Application no. is S0002803368, some 25 days ago, but still neither iam able to track the status nor I have received your card.
    Kindly look into the matter.


    Dinesh Mishra

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  • Ra
      28th of May, 2008

    If SBI card or other debit card is issued but not use upto three months or whole year then Should I pay any charge/fee to any card's company ?

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  • An
      23rd of Jul, 2008

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am in reciept of your notice ref no QL/150/JULY/LOT1/PT1/08/3076 dated 6 july 2008 however as i was out of station and in delhi during the period i recieved your letter in hand today on 23 july 2008

    To brief a bit i had send a couple of dispute emails and lettters to the dispute cell in delhi, I have even had phone conversations with SBI executive who had send me dispute letter forms which were duly send to SBI office of which i did not recieve any reply.

    This is a dispute on refund of flight tickets purchased from which has not been settled as of now.

    I had been praying to be contacted by the SBI officials to settle the dispute and here i finally get a Legal Notice

    I have even tried calling Mr.Rahul Chattarjee on 09990517218 at around 1:30 Pm but the phone gets disconnected after few rings

    I will be very thankful to you if you can communicate a local kolkata address of the SBI where i can go and settle the issue myself or ask any one to communicate with me on phone at +91 98311 43494

    Hoping a positive feedback

    Thanks & regards

    Anis Salim

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