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Raveendran .A nre a/c no.[protected]
Sbi - kanhangad branch, branch code- 01439, kasargod dist, kerala - 671 315. India.
I hv nre a/c with the above branch last 13 years. Iam working in an american company called ncr corporation - dubai branch last 13 years.
Now i transfered to our jordan office. From here last week i sent 1.31, 688.00 rupees to my a/c. From jordan we are facing problems to sending money to our bank a/c.
Within this difficulties i sent the same through uae exchange amman jordan.
After two days i checked with uae exchange whether this amount remited to my a/c or not, they replied they sent message to sbi india but no response.
Finally i checked with my parter to check the bank whether they received money or not
The bank employees in above branch will not giving correct answer for them.
Also they said, your hasband informed to sent the money na.. Why dont you ask us again ?

Is your couter clerks peoples behave like this to the customer ?
Pls check and let us know the feedback. If you are behave with us like this we hv to
Approach other bank/banks...
Look forward to hearing from you soon..

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