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Saudi Airlines / luggage lost

1 Saudi Arabia Review updated:

My daughter and I travelled from Jeddah to Riyadh. I was originally booked on the 9pm flight but the rest of my party were travelling on the 7pm flight so I went to the stand by counter to see if I could get on the 7pm flight. At the last minute I received 2 boarding passes. My luggage went through the security check at the 'stand by' desk and the man who was serving me, Mohd, had printed the luggage tags but I had to rush to catch the plane so I left without seeing the tags go on my cases nor getting the tag receipt. I was assured my luggage would be on the next flight. When I arrived at Riyadh I went straight to the baggage desk to tell them my situation and they were very helpful and said they would text when my luggage arrived. After 3 hours I went back to the airport to see if it had arrived but it had not. Three flights after my flight and it still had not arrived. The men at the baggage counter tried to call Jeddah 'stand by' counter but could not get through. I am very worried that my luggage is still at Jeddah or gone somewhere else. I find this so totally frustrating that my luggage didn't follow me to Riyadh. I have some very important items in those cases and can not afford to lose them.

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  • Pr
      19th of Oct, 2012
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    Saudi Airlines
    I had travelled from Delhi to Wadi Al Dawasir via Riyad on Saudi Airlines on the 19th of September 2012.
    I had a bad experience in the Riyad airport.
    After I had got off the aircraft at 3.15 P.M., I got on to a bus with other passengers to reach the airport terminal. I forgot to collect one of my hand baggages from the bus. I realized this fact within 5 minutes. Then I rushed towards the exit door through which I had entered the airport building.
    When I told the matter to the security people, they didn’t allow me to go out and collect the baggage from the bus. Had they allowed me to go and collect the bag from the bus, I could have collected the hand bag from the bus. Instead they told me that the bag will come to the baggage belt.
    But to my dismay, I couldn’t find the bag there. Then I approached the Saudi Airlines baggage office. They didn’t try to find the bag. They just said if they find it they will inform me. I felt those words were silly even then itself.
    I still expect a sincere delivery of the hand baggage immediately. Or else I will lose my trust in the Saudi Airlines staff and will approach a lawyer.
    Faithfully yours,

    Pratheesh Kumar
    Salman Bin Abdulaziz University
    055 61 89 856

  • Na
      16th of Jan, 2015
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    my family have also been let down by saudi airlines. they had taken a flight from jeddah to johannesburg. they had arrived at the johannesburg airport as scheduled but there was a huge delay in their baggage being received. almost an hour late. this delay caused them to miss their connecting domestic flight to Durban. my family had to rebook and this incured them additional expenses. when they had gone to the Saudi office in johannesburg they told them to send them all the information on an email and that they refund them for the extra expenses that they had incured. we had did just that but uptill now nothing has been sorted out. the trip was in April 2014 and we have been sending numerous emails to different individuals in saudi airline here in south africa and also in saudi arabia. the south african office is now saying they are not liable but intially they said they will refund us. the saudi arabian offices are not even responding and i have telephoned them and sent numerous emails but they are not cooperative. i just need them to refund us because we need the money back because they were at fault and the baggage department heads at Johannesburg even agreed to that and said that Saudi will have to refund us.

  • Im
      10th of Feb, 2016
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    Dear Sir

    Below is the business class ticket of my father, who traveled to Jeddah on your flight SV 703 dated 9th Feb, 2016 yesturday to perform UMRA, upon arrival at JEDDAH he waited at conveyor belt for hours but his luggage did not arrived, upon inquiry your airline responded that they have no idea and they are searching, we have also contacted the Karachi office last night and informed them about this mishap, but till this time nobody bother to give any response or update,

    My father is + 70 years of age, and he has his medicines in the luggage, which is our main point of concern, he is travelling on business class but we are completely shocked the way your airline is dealing this mishap, its seem from top to bottom no body cares about passenger, no seriousness at any level and completely casual non profession attitude showed by the staff of your airline, your attitude shows that you are carrying passenger at free of cost.

    My mother and all my family member had sleepless night, as there are some compulsory medicine which my father need to take on daily basis,

    We are requesting to please look into this matter on most priority basis, if any happened to my father your airline will be responsible

    --- TST RLR SFP ---
    RP/KHIPK2811/KHIPK2811 FM/SU 10FEB16/0638Z YWODMS
    2 SV 703 I 09FEB 2 KHIJED HK1 1245 1515 09FEB E SV/YWODMS
    3 ARNK
    4 SV 706 I 23FEB 2 MEDKHI HK1 0350 1115 23FEB E SV/YWODMS
    5 AP KHI +92-21-34371391-3 - SILVER TRAVELS - A
    6 TK OK02FEB/KHIPK2811//ETSV
    9 SSR DOCS SV HK1 P/PAK/AF0571093/PAK/12APR44/M/28JUN20/MAJEED
    10 SSR DOCS SV HK1 P/PAK/AF0571093/PAK/12APR44/M/28JUN20/MAJEED
    11 OSI SV PAX UMRA VISA NO 2316224893
    12 OSI SV 00966547083227 PAX CTC
    14 FA PAX 065-1660339064/ETSV/PKR119170/02FEB16/KHIPK2811/27303
    791/S2, 4
    15 FB PAX 0200018088 TTP/ET OK ETICKET WELL ISSUED/S2, 4
    17 FM *M*0
    18 FP AGT* PP NO AF0571093 DOI 30JUN15 PAK
    19 FV PAX SV/S2, 4

  • Mu
      4th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    My sister did travel on saudi air line from Lahore to johannesburg via jeddah on 28th june 2016.Her flight landed at johannesburg air port on 29th june 2016.She booked two bags, one bag did not arrived. Complaint was lodge at the air port and they gave reference no. and said they will contact.Today is 3rd of July and still no response.

  • Im
      2nd of Oct, 2018
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    This is regarding my claim 1000079293 from 2/5/2018 until this time no any result happing I have this email I sent several email to this addressed … I sent my name and my address copy of my passport and I sent baggage clam form with all my information more than five time with details of lost/damaged piece all the time MR/Abdul.jawad.Maher sent massage still ………… my name IMAD MOHAMED MY ADDRESS 35 JEROME DR NEWBRITAIN CT 06053 my phone (860) 573-6614 USA pleas I need you help for my case thank you so much for your help 10/02/2018

  • Sh
      19th of Oct, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I traveled from Hong Kong on a connecting flight to Johannes via Kuala Lumpur (sv841) and Jeddah(sv447) during the flight my Was asleep as I was tired from my 12 hour layover in Kuala Lumpur so I was fast asleep and my iPhone went missing I informed the cabin crew and they said to me to report it at lost and found, they didnt even attempt to help me by maybe asking if anyone picked up an iPhone over the intercom.

    Then to top it my luggage wasnt at the pickup and I was informed to collect it the next day, but I was traveling to a different city that evening so my suitcase was kept in Saudi office and some of my stuff was stolen out of my suitcase.

    I will never ever make use of SAUDI ARABIA ARLINES again and I will tell my story to as many people as I can about the airlines negligence

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