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So I get these fake emails from samsung so I think, lets do the right thing
They are pomising a galaxy model that I just need to claim.

I dont even whant a mobile phone even if they payed me, but all those other people that might fall for it makes me wanna do this.

And this compaint cant be solved for just me, needs tobe dealt with on a global scale.

The site itself asks you a few (Personal) things and then you need to enter a credcard and phonenumber to proceed. Nothing realy good. Nasty even

So I browse to support and try to start a chat with 3 difrent people.
And I get 3 difrent answers to go somewhere random that doesnt help me. Nevermind trying to make that point they just hangup. And this whas after writing several elaborate emails to abuse part of samsung that isnt even staffed if you ask me. Witch is actualy a arpa deal (Internet authority)

The fact is this site poses as samsung and trys to scam money from you..
You would think samsung would be intrested in stopping these dudes. Or least take a report seeming like they are, as the name holder they can shut these sites down in a hour. This one been up for 6 months. But they simply dont care. Or there trained monkeys dont understand the concept of a scam. Or it hurting clients

Fact is they speak poor english and dont know the difrence between a form and a email. Feels like these people are not even native speaking english, some hired help desk in india, even asking for some real representive doesnt get replied on.

I can only asume that samsung dont give much about there name nor there customour savety. The knowlige of there techsuport.. Fubar

My point im trying to make. They dont even care about the customor. They enable scammers to make this internet of ours just worse, take some responcibility and pride in your brand samsung! And then the below average with poor english speaking tech support that doent even know the dif between a hyperlink and email.
I didnt want a phone in the first place, but I think im going to pass for annything samsung now, even if its free, simply the risk of dealing with samsung is to high.

The ofending site (Mind it been made unuseable for your safety and afcourse your @own risk) :
Www dot everyyearevent dot com
And the orgin of the email:
^^ witch ive been able to get shutdown.

I spend hours eatch week to trace and write to all involved partys to stop scammers, isp or hosting provider usualy doesnt like there network being used for these things. And usualy revokes acces soon you have a screenshot/link etc. But samsung realy dont care or dont understand the concept of this stuff, nor take responcibility of weeding out the fakes.

I like to add if this how samsung deals with information then its not a companie im going to trust with my private life, afcourse draw your own conclusions, try and report the site for yourself and findout how sucky they realy are.

Jan 29, 2017

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