Samsung Electronics Americasmart tv

Terrible customer service! I called two weeks ago to report a problem with my Smart TV not connecting to the WiFi. After about a 30 minutes conversation with no resolution, the CSR confirmed my phone number and told me he would call me back once he did some more research to my issue. Of course he never called back...

I called again tonight and talked to a very incompetent CSR. His only idea was to factory reset my TV which made the problem worse and caused another problem. He then told me to call my ISP because he couldn't help anymore. Problem is that the problem he caused by resetting the TV will not allow for any support from my ISP as the network settings and network support menus time out and 'close out' before I can do anything. CSR rep just told me he would send out a Samsung service tech and of course I would be charged for it.

Terrible company with terrible support. Will never buy another Samsung product due to their lack of care and help with issues.

Jan 12, 2017

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