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Samsung Customer Service Sm Cebu City Northwing


very poor customer service

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We went to samsung customer service, sm cebu city, northwing and we have observed that they have extremely poor customer service. We went there to claim the phone that we thought they already fixed, but when we checked it, there was still a problem about the phone, so we came back the next day. Still, the phone was not fixed yet, and told to us to claim it again after two hours. When we went there again, one of the employees gave us a priority number and told us to wait, so we waited again. As we were observing the place, it was very inappropriate. One of the employees was wearing slippers, employees were chitchatting something not related to their work, they are not approachable at all, the entertainment shown in tv (Which was inside inside this samsung shop) was "jackass" i mean, that show shows violence, and a lot of stupidity which is very inappropriate to show to customers who we're sitting, watching, while waiting for their turn, not considering the fact that kids go to this kind of customer service, watching those inappropriate show they played on the tv. This shows how stupid and inappropriate this customer service is. They're customer service sucks, and i hope this complaint gets noticed. Sincerely, students who we're degraded, and who are concerned about proper customer service. God bless.
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N  18th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hi Zyda, Good Day! May I get your number so I can call you regarding your concern with the service center. Or you can drop me an email (m.alulod@samsung.com). Thanks in advance.
A  20th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Yes, I also had a bad experience with samsung at sm city cebu both the phone store and i.t. store. But the experience I had with I.T store was worse. I was suppose to buy a multifunctional printer from them but the boy can't get the printer from the stock room (was just too lazy to entertain because he and others were using facebook)
A  1st of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
hi! do you agree on their pull out charge? i had my phone sent to them the other day..i called today and said they could not fix it, that they couldn't find any more ways to fix it. so i just decided to claim it, but they told me that it has a charge... why is that?? i'm like buying my broken phone back...
N  25th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
Samsung phone can easily be broken and the customer service can't fix faster, it takes a couple of months to repair the phone. They must change their customer service or they will fire all their employees.
N  28th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
they actually fixed my fone, another problem i got is...there is app that has been changed, like using yahoo massenger supposedly there is a video call but wen i got my fone its said that the app is not suitable, how come?? ...
N  28th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
fr us customers i guess its just ok to wait about 5 mins seating while wtching d tv, but seeing that d movement of calling d numbers is too slow...nd i guess if were a customer service representative we shud have d attitude to smile...even if were too pressure cz its a work, professionally...thyre failed.
N  28th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
i wudnt also agree about pull charging, unless if that fone still covered by ur warranty...how cud b charged if its still on d warranty. nd i guess thy shud add another people to entertain regarding wth our problem, cz ive observed that there are only 3 persons on it, the other one is d cshier. i guess it needs 5 representatives. hopefully thy will answer all of our complaints.
N  27th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
They should assign someone to receive and answer calls especially to clients who'll inquire the repair status of their phones. Called a while a go but it took me 8 rings before answered. It forfeits the purpose of having landline phones. This is still a part of customer service.
N  3rd of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes

samaung galexy y gt5360 - i am lossed my own mobile

i lossed my mobile phon on 03/12/2012.please help me to find out its very importent.
A  10th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
i also had bad exp with samsung at SM..i went there for my phone prob then the girl at 2nd table said i need to go back were i buy my unit because they need the IMEI# of my phone because its not written on my receipt and also in my phone then i went home asking my sister what is IMEI# of my phone, my sister was so mad because the IMEI# was there at the back part of my phone!my point was its not easy to back there two times just because asking for anything that was already there!they are the one who knows about it than me!i think samsung need to orient and educate there staff!
A  17th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I also want to say this,
You have EXTREMELY VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SERVICE SM City Cebu Northwing. Last week, I handed my Samsung smart phone in your center to check why my cellphone when turned ON stucked in it's logo thingy. So, you did checked and told me to be back at exactly 2 hours to claim. After 2 hours of waiting excitedly, you then told me that my cellphone needs to stay for a week to change it's motherboard because the system has been crashed and expect it to reboot. All my contacts and files will be deleted. I was very disappointed considering that's the only phone I've got to contact all my project clients at work. You didn't even offer a service phone to use for the meantime. but I don't have a choice but to wait, wait and wait. No cellphone for 1 week. Pending works. No contacts. No communication. Then a week later, I came back to your center to claim my cellphone. What surprised me is when this lady told me that my cellphone has not yet been fixed. You f*ckin' crazy? It's been 1 week and days later, still not yet been fixed? Where's your word? You said I'd be back a week later to claim for it. I have a work too.
This is stupid and inappropriate.
I hope this complaint get noticed and a lesson to learn.
And oh, You better stay focused on your work guys. As I have observed you were always chitchatting with each other not related to your work. Why not follow up or call Samsung Manila service centers for more assistance. We might be glad at it.

Sincerely Concerned Citizen of Cebu
A  21st of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
I Have problem At@t samsung infuse i997 IMEI ERROR AND PHONE NOT ALLOWED MM#6 HELP ME.
N  23rd of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes

Samsung Galaxy-y Gt-s5360 - Can't connect

I have samsung gaxy y gt - s5360, after i register to have an internet access, my packet data shown but it's not working. It say's here that "the server failed to communicate. Please try again later". Can you help me? Thank you.
A  3rd of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
I certainly agree!The staffs are not doing their job well! II sent my phone on March 19, 2013.They said I could claim my Galaxy Note II after seven working days but until now I haven't had it...It really bothers me!
A  3rd of Apr, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I have very bad experience with this particular service center in SM cebu. Extremely bad customer service and to cap it all off, my other laptop would not even turn on and it was supposed to be fixed already. You can't even call this freakin' place because nobody picks up. The staff is not even bothered about customers. They think that just because they've turned on the tv for you so it's ok to wait for a very long time. SAMSUNG, please do something about this. This place is a representative of your company. Do you want us your consumers to think that this is how you are?
N  11th of Mar, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I have experienced a very poor service at Samsung service center SM Cebu North wing. I deposited my Galaxy Grand cell phone at this center. The phone is less than a year so i made a request for replacement after it was repaired many times with the same problem. A week after i made a follow up and was told they dont have a stock in Manila yet so i have to wait, but that night i called Samsung toll free and was shock to learn they made a request only on that same day that i made my follow up, what took them so long!? After 2 week when i returned no one can give me a clear answer. All they can say is that a certain Froy has the cellphone and the papers so she's the only one who can answer me. My goodness! is Samsung a small company, aren't they global? Don't they even have logbooks or can trace job orders? What happpens if something happens to Froy? will they stop operation since she's the only one who knows what? By the way, my request was not approved for the reason that i have bought a different phone before that has also a problem, and i requested for replacement, (which i was refunded since i was told they don't have a stock of that phone anymore). So next time i will not buy a Samsung cellphone anymore, because i can't request for replacement if there would be problems . You will not be allowed to have a replacement more than once, even if it is with a different unit. Your name will be marked.
A  1st of May, 2015 by    0 Votes
Is this thread still open???

I also had the same experience with this service center..
First, I already had my phone replaced after 5 days from the day I purchased it due to earpiece problems.

After 15 days or more I already had another problem with the new phone so I had my phone repaired, a SAMSUNG GALAXY A5.

When I gave it to them, it still looks brand new without even slight scratches.

After 3 days from giving it to them, they gave it to me with cracks in dents on the side.

Where should we report this kind of stuffs? I'm very worried that the phone was damaged even more.

Please text me if you have any suggestions, I already had some initial steps to address the issue. 09224766013
N  14th of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
kumuha ako ng plan sa Sun.. bumalik ako kaso nagkaproblema ung unit S6.. black screen wala akong makita.. 4days na.. wala pang 1buwan tong fone ko.. kuha sana ako ng authorization para ipaSC ko.. di ako nabigyan kc sira daw printer nila.. ano ba yan! sa inyo ko to kinuha yan lng isasagot mo.. SM nlng daw ako pumunta.. ano ba yan! pinasa agad.. ilang oras, araw, weeks, buwan (wag nman sana) nyo kaya maayos, maibalik fone ko? kasi wala akong magamit.. importante yan sa trabaho ko..
N  17th of Apr, 2016 by    0 Votes
I dont know if this can be read by Samsung but here are my sentiments in brief. They cannot diagnose properly the root cause of the problem and only provide band-aid solutions. They also accidentally swapped my item(laptop) with another similar item. NOT recommended to go here to fix your items. Go to other service centers -- NOT HERE!
A  10th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes
I had a very bad experience with this Service Center as well. I have a new phone (about 3 months old) and the signal is dropping constantly that when I turn on the data it cant get a 4G connection and most of the time it displays "EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY" and is overheating. So I decided to have it checked in the Samsung service Center. Since SM is near where I am staying, I went there for my phone to be checked. I waited in the line for more than an hour since It was Sunday, so i understand there are lots of people in the store. At last its my turn, the lady checked the phone and said it will be reprogrammed and so I agreed and was advised to be back after 2 hours. after 2 hours I hurriedly went back to the store and get the phone that is still not working with regard to the signal. I told the lady that it is the same. And she said to try to observe it. I went to Smart Store nearby since it's a postpaid account from them. The technician tried the sim to another phone and it is getting 4G connection constantly and when placed back on my phone just an E signal and went out. So I decided to go back to Samsung and was advised it will be a backjob and I need to wait 3-5 working days to have it repaired. I called on the third day and seems that the person who answered didn't know what she is doing . She cant find my F****** phone. i got worried instantly what happened to my phone. She went looking for it and advised me to be called back. After almost an hour she called me back and advised that she found my phone at last. And she said that she don't know if it is already fixed or not because the technician was absent yesterday and on RD today. I asked her if the is it supposed to be they will leave note what is the status and she said yes, supposedly. Im about to loose my temper now but still remain calm. She advised me that she will call me the next day but I cant wait for her to call me so I called their store a lot of times but no one is answering at all. On the last try someone answered and she transferred me to another line without saying a word except for hello and the next person who answered just dropped the call. Now im about to explode like the a bomb. I ended up calling Samsung customer service and they were the one who called the store. I was advised that the phone is already fixed and ready to be picked up. the technician was just observing it. Hallelujah, my phone is fixed.So I rushed to the store again to pick it up but again waited an hour for the lady to look for my phone again. I don't know now if my phone has the ability to hid itself that no one can see it and i have a bad feeling about it.. I was not able to bring my sim card that time so I cant test it. when i got home and tested it and found out it is exactly the same. I went back to the store the next day to advise that it is the same. The tech said they need to replace the Board. WHAT? after many days of running back and forth you just concluded now that you need to replace the board. what happen to the observing part ? i don't have a working phone for 3 weeks now. But still I ended up to have it with them to change the board. today is the third working day that my phone was in repair and my fingers are swelling now trying to dial their number and no one is answering. Somebody answered but no one was talking on the other line. The word "crap service" is not enough to describe them. Why is samsung letting this happen to them? They are a prestigious company, worldwide know company and with this kind of service? just not adding up a sense at all. There should be something that they can do about this.

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