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Sam's Club / Sam's West / not filling an opiate prescription - lufkin tx

1 Diboll, TX, United States

I have been on total disability since 2012. I have been on prescription pain medications oxyconyin and oxycodone since 2008. Sam's Club pharmacy in Lufkin TX (Brandon Mgr)) refused to fill my oxycodone. I have Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sarcoidosis, resulting in CHRONIC PAIN.

We just moved to the area and from my very 1st interaction with the pharmacy I should have known what the end result would be. I was talked to in a very condescending way and told that even after speaking with my doctor(PCP), in his professional opinion, I didn't warrant the medication that I have been on for the past 10 yrs. Since when did the pharmacist become a doctor?

Brandon said I had multiple prescriptions for opiates from an out of town doctor...
yes I told him, we just moved here of course they were from out of town. They were from only one Dr that I had seen for the past 5 yrs ...that in fact continued my pain regime for my pcp in Madison Wisconsin from which we had just moved from.

I have been a member of Sam's Club for MANY years have never been treated this way Have never been discriminated against in this way as for as ADA(disability).
I will be filing a complaint with the American Disability Act...Texas Pharmacy Board, National Board Of Pharmacies and any other government agency I need to.
I am An RN and this was NOT the journey I had planned . I would love to be working, I loved being a perioperative nurse and for chronic pain to take that all away I say not fair. So when you find a regime of medications that make every day tolerable you cling to it and for a pharmacist to tell me in his professional opinion he could not fill my prescription is unconscionable.

Just so Brandon knows yes I UNDERSTAND rules and regulations because I am a medical professional. AND I ALSO KNOW THERE ARE EXEMPTIONS TO EVER RULE AND REGULATION. and for this discussion its me and the so many other Chronic Pain Patients that are the exemption. And if they go to the Sam's Lufkin Pharmacy they will be shunned and treated as a drug seeker.

I have an appointment with a new Primary care physician here in Lufkin and would like to know that when he continues with my past medical care and send the scripts to Sam's are they going to fill them?

Thank you,
Mary Abrahamson

Jan 5, 2019

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