Sams Club / sam's club credit card company stinks

Every time I try to use this card for larger purchases it is DENIED. I am so embarrassed and humiliated when this happens. I don't have a cell phone, and therefore I cannot give them a call and ask that they allow the purchase to go through. I end up writing a check.

What good is the REWARD (5% gas, 3% restaurant, 1% other) Program if they don't let you make the purchase. I lost out on $45.00 the other day because I was denied my carpet purchase. Why would that appear to be fraudulent. The purchase was near my home.

I've had it frozen numerous times for this same "fraudulent activity", even though it was me trying to make a purchase.

My credit rating is over 815. I take pride in that. If I cancel the card it will go down, but I am SO CLOSE to doing just that.

Nov 24, 2017

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