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Sam's Club Extended Warranty Program / Bad service

1 Florence, KY, United States Review updated:

I purchased my desktop in April 2004, purchase price $589.00, $79.00 for a 3 year warranty which will run out in April. I had a lot of problems to begin with and I sent it back to Compaq twice and they fixed it. Once my my warranty ran out, I began to have lots of problems, so I called Sam's and they were great far as sending some one out to take care of my computer in fact in record time. Normally I don't purchase the extended warranty because I repair my own, but this time I did. It did take a while for them to find a company that contracted out to my area, when they did they called I told them exactly what was wrong with the computer & the computer tech knew nothing infact I told him the processor was the problem & he said i am sending a new mother board & the processor is attatched (they are not on a desk top), but attempted. they sent all the wrong parts & argued with the company they contracted with about what the tech who trouble shooted my computer said was wrong. So that warranted another call same treatment, now this is from an outside company Sam's uses. SO I filed a complaint against that company, and Sam's found another contract company for repairs. to make a long story short, my computer has had so many repairs, total new items(this is a combination of the 2 contract companies that where even sent one on Monday & one on Friday same week, they want to keep replacing I will let them, but the computer is a lemon) 3 new mother boards, 10 new CDRW Drives, 12 new hard drives, 1 new memory Chip, 8 new DVD Roms, 1 new Monitor, & 1 new 1/2 Floppy disk. All the trouble that cost me is restoring the hard drive. I talked to Sam's Club, since according to my techs(of whom I have seen so much we are on a first name bases & my dogs know them) (the contract companies pay no attention to them) I have had a total of $6, 000 from one company & $10, 000 repairs from the other company for a $600.00 computer. Not more than 3 weeks ago I had new hard drive, dvd rom, & cdrw, and I will be calling them back for more repair as soon as my Laptop comes back from HP, it just needed minor repairs warranty runs out this month, the rom's all stop working just 2 days ago & the drive freezes up every 10 minutes. all the techs tell them is the computer as a whole is a lemon, either give her the original money back or let us replace every part of the drive at once to guarentee it won't go down again, because if the mother board, processor & electrical box are the problem which it is, they destroy everything else. Now it is acting up again. I have talked to Sam's tried to reason & even argued with them give me the $600 & drop the extended warranty or give me a full new computer, but it is more fun to spend a fortune to fix this thing than replace it. I even called Compaq to see if it is a lemon, if they had repaired it one more time it would have been considered a lemon in their records, but Sam's never sells lemons that is what I was told. Plus I am going to have the opportunity to renew my warranty for the same original price, I may do that if they are that stupid to continue putting money in a computer that was out dated the day I purchased it, then go for it. I could have purchased 6 plus new desk tops plus 6 plus new laptops. I can't understand why they are not reasonable on this, because it would save money and save the cost of prices going up in their store. Indirectly I am complaining about Sam's Logic here, but fair as the Company's they use to contract their warranty business is concerned they are nothing but idiots, if they won't listen to the Technicians they contract to do the repair work, then how can they have a clue what is going on...

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  • Al
      12th of Sep, 2008
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    I work for Sam's in Wisconsin, and when a member has problems like this we always are willing to refund their money or at least give them a new computer. I would call Sam's corporate (it's on the back of your membership card) and tell them what happened. They are so concerned with keeping your business so you keep spending money there that they will always accomodate you. If you get any slack, tell them you're going to go refund your membership and shop at Costco (seriously--it works!).

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