Sally's Beauty Supplywould not exchage faulty flatiron purchased 3 weeks ago

I purchased a flatiron3 weeks ago with the one year warranty. The iron overheated and smoking. I tried a different oulet to see if it would work, it didn't. I took it back to the store in Hawthore for an exchange since I purchased the warranty. I was told by the rude employee and the assistant manager that they could not take it back beause of the poor condition of the plates and because I no longer had the box. Mind you, the back of the receipt clearly states the 60 day return policy with the receipt the plates had faded because of the overheating. They referred me to the manufacturer. What good is the warranty for? I contacted Conair and the item was replace right away because they stand by their product. Also, the rude employee insinuated that I was lying. Sally's corp office should really train their employees better. They act like the really don't care about their customers.

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