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Sally Beauty Supply / customer service

1 Spring, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 281-288-9475

Just walked out of a Sally's store number 03156 in Spring Texas. Never have I received such poor customer service. The cashier (who claimed to be the manger) made a very simple mistake as she rung up my order. When I pointed it out to her, she became very noticeably upset and argumentative. I had to ask her to pull out the calculator and count each item one by one to show her where the mistake was made. Finally she realized what she did, but I never received an apology after 25 minutes of disputing the charge. I finally requested a full refund for all my purchases. I am never going to shop at Sally’s. I am choosing Ulta or Wal-Mart for all my beauty purchases in the future.

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  • Ja
      8th of Feb, 2007
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    Sally Beauty Supply - Poor customer service!
    United States

    There is no location on my receipt, but I did the best I could describing where it is located. I was recently introduced to the beauty supply house and found that the person I was introduced to was Samantha, at the Mitchell, New Port Richey store. She was polite and asked if she could help me, and I told her she could. I needed to find combs that were on sale, and also to find nail products. I was the only one at the store at the time. I am physically handicap and always need help. People arrived at the store, and she left me at the comb counter.

    I repeatedly asked her if she could help me for I am not a hairdresser or nail technician. She told me that she had customers at the register and was NOT a hairdresser or nail technician and could not help me. I stood there while she waited on six people. I again asked her for her attention, and she told me "
    she could not.

    I have been in sales most of my life, and to hear about her mother and father and the fact that she was only eighteen years old, was inappropriate. I am from New Hampshire, and there are always two or more girls at the counter who are nice and always ready to assist you especially when you are handicap. They are wonderful.

    This store has so many different people working at the register, and there is always a sign on the door for help. Is this store a professional supply house? Is there suppose to be a qualified technician on hand? I am so disappointed every time I go into the store. I find that this chain needs some business acumen. Backdoors are always open, any creature could enter, and it is not a safe haven.

    Would you please refer this e-mail to someone who services this store, and the hazards the store presents from help to open containers in the back of the store.

  • Le
      24th of Nov, 2007
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  • Ap
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    What else are you supposed to say when refering to African american types of products? I work at a Sally store and I try not to use any offensive words and i am not racist but in that situation what would be appropriate with out offending someone that way because i dont find it offensive.

  • Br
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    I've dyed my hair before ---never had a problem using a powder bleach and a 40 volume developer. I'd let my hair grow out some after having it colored my natural color. I went to Sallys to get some help on coloring my hair in a safer manner since the bleach disturbs my hair too much. I told them that I would gladly get a bleach kit, if that's the only thing that I could use to get the desired results. ( I wanted to go a natural blonde from med brown). They told me that I could do it with no problem. The first thing they told me to do was pick out a shade that I liked. It wasn't a high lift, so knowing what I do about hair color, I picked another product, close to that color, in a high lift shade. They told me that I would need a 20 volume developer, yet they kept going on about how dark my hair was. I kept asking them if that would pull enough, and they said yes. I compromised and got a 30 because I know how my hair pulls. They talked me out of the 40 telling me that it would do something totally different to my hair. -----So, I get everything that they point out that I need, go home, saturate my hair as directed ----this is what happens.

    I notice my roots are turning red, quickly. I thought that maybe it was just what that particular color did, and I would have to go through the phases of warmth. Now... as I have this on my head, I'm thinking... it just doesn't look right, but I'll leave it on a few more minutes. I left it on for an hour and a half. I washed my hair out and was DEVASTATED. They told me that it would look one way, and it totally looked another way. My roots were carrot top red, and the rest of my brown hair that was a warm color had been toned to a mousy brown. It was horrible.

    I called the hotline provided on their website and customer service was just as friendly as they could be. Apologizing over and over again for my hair.

    They told me to call the store and talk to a manager. So, the next day, I waited until they opened and called the store. I talked to the manager, Tiffany, where she attempted to cop an attitude with me, stating that she was NOT A PROFESSIONAL. I explained to her that if she HAD NO KNOWLEDGE of what I needed, she should have told me that, rather than trying to make a sale and get me out of there.

    I was told to call another store where the lady told me to take my receipt back to the store I got the stuff from and they needed to refund my money. She was also a manager. I went back into the store and took everything that I purchased back, empty bottles and all even though they didn't tell me to. Then, the exchanged that for something to "correct" my hair according to the manager at the North Myrtle Beach store.

    They told me in order to fix it, I would need to put a medium goldish blonde on it, then pull it through a cap after putting on a filler. I was unsure, but figured since they said that the lady in North Myrtle Beach was a professional, I bought the stuff again, came home to yet another nightmare.

    This time, after the filler and the color, the red in the top of my hair was worse, it was darker and more enhanced. They'd basically given me a lighter color to try to correct color that was already in my hair, which now I know doesn't work. I put the highlights in my hair, and had orange, red and yellow blotches all over my hair due to the fact that it was so multi colored to start with.

    SO----I have to call customer service again. All I wanted to was to be reimbursed for what it was going to cost me to go and have my hair professionally done. I was told to drive to the Conway store where I was under the impression that they were going to give me the stuff to correct my hair for the third and final time. By this time, I couldn't even run a comb or my fingers through my wet hair because it was so damaged and breaking off. My natural wave in my hair was totally gone and it looked like straw.

    I drive all the way to Conway, about 30 minutes from where I live to find out the only thing that they were going to do is give me some free cheap conditioning packets. The lady there called the district manager and asked what she could do. I had my receipt and told her that I'd already been through enough with the other stores, but she said there was nothing they could do. They acted as if I were lying about the products that I'd purchased and then told me that I didn't have the empty bottles for proof.

    Then, the lady informed me that they were an at will store, much like walmart, you buy something, if it doesn't work, then they aren't liable for their product. But, what this woman didn't seem to understand is that at walmart, you don't have trained sales people in each department telling you what you need. At Sally's, when you ask, and they tell you something, you just believe them. I say, if they don't know for sure, they should tell you that they don't know, consult a professional, or at least they could take the time to call someone that does know, instead of talking about their personal lives and what they had for lunch instead of thoroughly helping a customer.

    Also--if they make a mistake, they should at least be nice about it and try to right the wrong. If they would have just told me that they didn't know for sure what would happen to my hair, I would have gone with what I usually do, or just held off on doing my hair.

    Finally, I had to go and get my hair redone, it was about 4 hours of tugging and pulling an coloring and lightening my already dry and damaged hair. It still didn't get totally lifted to what I wanted because of the damage done to it, so I have to walk around with light blonde hair that isn't the correct color anyway... since they let me fry my hair telling me to just use additional conditioner on it and it would be fine.

    I say that Sallys Beauty Supply owes me two things, the amount of money that I've had to spend to correct their mistake and an apology for treating me the way they did.

    I will never, ever shop there again.

  • Li
      12th of Feb, 2008
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    That is why they have hairstylist to preform color. You should have done it the right way in the beginning and let a professional do it for you.

  • Mi
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    I Purchased some hair braiding items from sally that i soon realized my stlist could no use.
    I to the forrestville location to make an exchange for what i needed
    I waited at the front counter for about 5 minutes befoe makin my way to the back for help .
    Finally a woman appears to help, when i told her i need to exchange she called another lady
    this second person told me ther as nothing she could do for me, so i asked for a manager, only to find out the first person i talked to was the manager

    it was the worst customer service ever, so little professionalism
    in the end they didnt have much selection in hair, so i went to the beauty suply store right next door!

  • Ly
      10th of Aug, 2008
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    I just had a similar experience at Sally Beauty Supply and will be filing a complaint later today. Their cashiers seem to be very arrogant, unapolagetic when they are the ones who make mistakes, and have a difficult time correcting their errors.

  • Ly
      10th of Aug, 2008
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    just had a similar experience at Sally Beauty Supply and will be filing a complaint later today. Their cashiers seem to be very arrogant, unapolagetic when they are the ones who make mistakes, and have a difficult time correcting their errors.

  • Ly
      10th of Aug, 2008
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    April Lively, please explain what an "African American " type of product is exactly? If I'm not mistaken, any woman or man can use whatever hair products they choose to. However if a product is "GEARED TOWARDS AFRICAN AMERICANS", then that is a totally different thing. I've been around hair all my life and yes I would find it insulting for someone to keep pointing out race as if it were necessary. It is not. The poster, Ms. Burton stated that the clerk said, "For African American People" which is rude! She said nothing about hair types. She is basically uncomfortable with rude behavior that chooses to single out a person just because they are of a certain ethnicity.

    Hiow does this woman know what all "African American People" in the USA use? Do they all use a certain product? Is there some new segregation law in hair product sales I should know about?

  • Ca
      21st of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    disirtimanger is very rude he needs to treat customers and coworkers better

  • Ka
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    I've been the the Sally store in Takoma Park, MD several, and will NOT go there again. In fact, I will drive 100 miles ELSEWHERE to avoid the rude latino girls who work there.
    Can you imagine going to a store in a little hick town in Maryland, only to be ignored because the Sally employees are only helping spanish speaking customers?!!
    Rude, condescending! They can go back to the Dominican Republic for all I care.

  • Te
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    the service was terrible and offensive. i ask the cashier whats the
    difference between two expensive clippers. she didn't know. instead she told me they were the same. even though they had two different titles. i then said one of the brands didn't work for me and i needed to buy another. she then told me i didn't know what i was doing. i told her i been cutting my own hair for 20 years, and this type didn't cut my mustache good. again she told me, "you must not know what your doing". I said why she would say that, and she said do you really have to act like that. i was so offended, i will never ever shop there again. i bought my clippers
    elsewhere at a higher price, because customers should not be insulted because the cashier is having a bad day. i was shopping at SALLEYS on Mission blvd. in Hayward CA. at 11:00 o'clock p.m.
    Hayward California

  • Gr
      25th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I agree with the complaints I read here about rude and impolite Sally's customer service employees. I purchased a replacement blade for my hair clippers, and two days later, attempted to return it (unopened with original reciept). The younger employee was about to return my money when a 'manager' appeared saying, 'oh no, sales are final on those.' I explained they were unopened and my desire to return them, and she went on to tell me stories of how others had returned used items, essentially accusing me of using the blades! She called some corporate office, and said she could not take them back. Only after I expressed interest in buying a new set of clippers, she changed her mind and gave me credit for the blades (although a few minutes ago she pretty much said I may have used them). I felt like I was forced into buying the clippers from them just to get my money credited back. Never again. They lost another customer

  • Ny
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    You poor thing! I used to work there. I am happy to say I no longer work there too! I was the LAST licensed hairstylist there. Now, they have NO licensed employees most of the time. It used not to be that way... but they have lowered thier standards for hiring. They will hire anyone! !!!
    They do not do backround checks or drug tests etc for new applicants either, they can't afford it! Do you know why?>>>I will tell you. They don't care how they treat thier employees, so there is a LOT of TURNOVER which you problably already are aware of there if your were regular customer.

    The Turnover is so great it would bankrupt$$$ them to keep on keeping on spending all that extra money for backround checks and alike for new applicants. Also many of thier store managers are not even fully licensed Hair Stylists too, some only get as far as beauty school and no further.

    So BEWARE out there. If I were you all, and wanted to do a major chemical service on my hair, but wanted to save money..As a licensed professional and EX-employee I would strongly recomend compromising and getting your chemical services for your hair done at a local Beauty School. :) instead. It's cheaper than a Salon and safer than Sallys on your own. Another thing, they have a customer guarantee and are supposed to refund all your money in a case like yours. Maybe you can take your reciepts etc to your local Better Business Buearu or Dept of consumer affairs or small claims court and above all warn your friends. Good luck.

  • Ny
      4th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I used to work at a Sallys, they had to business treating you that way either. The employees they employ get close to minimun wage, long hours and mostly no breaks, burnout is rampant! They pay employees substandard wages below the poverty line and they get what they pay for!!! Trying elsewhere is a good idea, Ulta, Beauty Brands, Walgreens etc.
    Good luck.

  • Ex
      18th of Dec, 2008
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    I used to work for Sally's in lansing Michigan, the Edgewood store over by target, working there was THE worst work experience of my life! The manager literally sat in the back room ALL day on her fat butt ordering people around like dogs, we'd be running around pricing, running the register and helping multiple customers, often to which I did solo! Apparently texting was more important to her than her employees or customers, I'm not kidding this place was a nightmare, she and the assistant manager whom openly talked of drugs were so unprofessional, I over heard them talking about how odd my breasts looked, after a reduction, one of them would pinch my butt as well as another co-workers, gina THE manager would openly talk about sex that she was having w/ multiple men and get really graphic w/it how many orgasams she had etc, children, elderly people, and other customers would hear this! It was just unbelievable! The manager would also bring her two lil girls in the store and let them run around like the animals they are, often coming up to me while on register begging me to let them hand the customers money, bag items etc, all while she sat in back texting this guy and that guy! Sally's doesn't care about customers at ALL, I ended up getting written up for what they called too many returns, is that MY fault? NO!!! Many of the items returned were flat irons w/ burnt cords, etc, bottom line if a person HAS their receipt and the product at least 80% of it then I HAD to refund them! Also the managers would take whatever they wanted that had been returned, used, unused it didn't matter to them, I also worked on the 4th of july, NO holiday pay!!! I worked there for @ 6 months and in that time they had gone through 5 employees NOT including me! It was also located in a high theft area and they told us to watch EVERY black person, or teenager that came in the store, many times naturally they would become offended and start an argument w/ a manager whom btw was only there mon-fri 9-5 after that I was left to fend for myself, I'm not joking this job led me to drink about every night I got out!!! It was just a horrible experience and please if you go in there watch out, they will accuse you or follow you if you are black or a teenager, if not they will chat VERY loudly about very inappropriate things, or just plain ignore you at best!!! Also wow the people that would come in after getting poor advice, I was honest I would tell them that I wasn't a stylist but that I am a mancurist and that I would do my best to help them, but that the were taking a chance, oddly enough I NEVER had one single complaint or mishap! Anyways please beware of Sally's this store in particular!!! Please don't hesitate to speak out, no one should be exposed to such unprofessional behavior!!! oh yes one more thing ALL sales are final no matter what on hair, and blades, defective, used etc. NO matter what they will NOT even exchange...

  • Me
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    OMG...I thought I was the only one...But the Sally store workers that were rude to me is in Carson, CA. I can't believe Sally Beauty Supply hires workers who are untrained and very rude.

    The people in charge of the Sally franchise or whatever it is should really look into that...It's not ONE or even a couple of Sally stores that hire rude workers, but it's quite a lot to raise eyebrows. Not only that...The workers for the Sally store here in Carson makes that Sally store loose a lot of business...I came at 7:30pm and there was a couple of us there walking towards the store and the 2 workers there were already counting the money! And closed down the store!! It was the day before Valentines...I had a good look at those workers, one was a guy and the other a girl...I think they were closing early for valentines day...I can tell you this, no matter HOW MUCH time they put into trying to look good for Valentines Day, I don't think any sort of hair chemicals or make up can help alleviate their unattractiveness, therefore there was definitely no need to close down early.

    Dear powers at be at Sally Beauty Supply,

    If you want to make as much money as possible, especially in this economy where retailers are the ones hurting, hire people that actually care about closing at the proper time of closing, maybe you'll actually make some money from those people who are willing to buy things from your store after 7:30pm, which is when people usually get out at work...Those stupid teenagers need to get fired...Why must you keep hiring ugly people with too much color hairdos...At least hire ones that look nice in the crazy hair colors...The ones you hire here in Carson are dirty looking and the dyes they put in their hair is unsightly! It makes me NOT WANT to use the products at Sallys...

  • Kr
      28th of Feb, 2009
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    My complaint is at the Sally's store in Salisbury, North Carolina. I have been trying to purchase clipper blades with three holes for a whal clipper. They did not have them so they told me to wait until there truck came in.There truck came in on Monday 23, 2009.I called sally's on Tuesday 24, 2009 they told me that the blades came in. When I went up there they did not have them out said they still had not went through the rest of the boxes. So the associate working there told me that a two hole would work for that clipper and if it doesn't to bring it back and they can exchange it or she will give me a refund back. I took the blade home to see if it would fit but it did not. So I took the blades back to the store on Sat. 28, 2009. The manager was very rude to me. I tryed to explain what happen but she did not care. Another associate had to explain it to her. I asked her if they had went through the rest of the boxes yet and she very rudely told me no. I don't think that is a way to run a business. To me i think they should have already went through the boxes by now.

  • No
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    I used to be a manager for one of the sally stores in PA I was over worked understaffed and grossly underpaid. I worked sometimes 14 hr day for basically below minimum wage and was told i was lucky to get that. My opinion Sally Beauty Supply is a horrible company to work for and but products in that you can get else where for less or the same price and not have to contribute to substandard work practices by a Company that does not care for it's employee's or it's customers.

    btw I resigned and got a better job in the industry that pays me what I'm actually worth and treats me like a human being not a slave!

  • Ch
      15th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

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    Sally's in Summerville South Carolina:
    The worst! There were 2 girls in the store working. They could not find my discount card and refused after calling the manager. One girl was completely rude, the other ran out of the store screaming and crying over me disputing the prices on the shelf. One manger and the screaming girl reappeared after I threatened to call the police when I could not find my credit card.

    The manager had no words of apology. Other customers were in the store watching, in fact one customer at the beginning of the fiasco reprimanded the rude girl and told her she would speak to the manager herself. It seemed she was a beauty professional herself. Girl #2 began to scream after another customer stepped in and agreed with what I was trying to point out about the pricing.

    I have been told that the prices are actually excessive. I will go to Ulta from now on even though it is 25 miles away. My husband was present and said that he has never seen people hate their job so much.

    Sally needs to know who keeps them in business. Was this worth the $3 savings to them? They probably don't care.

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