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Ok I work at a sally's... I work with a few very decent people... However there is one behemoth woman that seems to think she runs the joint... She is not...

-a shareholder
-an owner
-a manager
- an assistant manager

However she is on some power trip... Where she insists on bossing other employees around 4 out of the 6 other employees at our store have had problems with her... There have been numerous incidents where she has lied or created a situation to complain about... However my manager does nothing!!!

-she has asked other employees personal information on my hours and time off... I do not even work the same days or shifts with this woman... I have only ever spoke to her in person twice since I have worked there.

- she has lied to my manager and other co-workers telling them I insulted her when I did not even speak to her.

- the story today is too long to go into detail however she is the most childish 40 something I have ever met... How long has it been since high school? Cut the cr*p!


  • K
      Nov 06, 2008

    Im sorry you are having a problem with a co-worker. i also work for sally's. you can go to your dm or call the employee concern line if you feel your manager isnt owning up to her duties

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  • N
      Dec 03, 2008

    I had the same problem when I used to work there. The DM could not give a crap either! Sallys does not stand behind thier employees, especially those of us who know how to speak up and have with a backbone!
    All they care about is the quota$$$$ for the day and all they want are nice little, meek, conformist employees who will never complain no matter how bad they are treated!
    I certainly hope For Your Sake that your store is not in the Southwest US, because the Miss B. Dickey the territoral mananger, who is a cold heartless B***H!

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  • B
      May 12, 2009

    Omg I worked for sallys two years ago.I started in October and before you know it I was Managing a store here in las vegas Nv..BIG mistake. We had people stealing left and right.There were times when I was in the store alone because sallys couldnt afford to give me anymore hours for that store.When I say Stealing I mean from old to young from spanish to black folks, a hot mess.Then they decide to hire me a security which was the biggest thief of all...Sally's made me sick and If I would of known then what i know now.Sallys would of had a law suite.After stopping certain girls from coming in my store for shopliffting i would go out with my husband and see the same girls I caught in my store, one of the girls even said, "look who I see, shes not in uniform now is she "?.I would have to let my husband know what was going on and that there might be some drama, instead we just leftt.Where was sallys then?Youre right all they care about is meeting their quota and getting thier money in the bank by 12.I would never work for sallys again only because I loved that place at one point, even seeing myself there for a long time.But to sallys I was just aother employee guarding there merchandise.Im now a Manicurist working in a high end salon.One thing sallys did do for me was open my eyes.I now know That I would not break my neck for any other job the way I did for sallys.I make my own money and I love it..Thanks sally Beauty supply..Larice ...if you have had the same experience with this company please share your story with me.send your story to... [protected]

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  • J
      Mar 27, 2015

    I have worked part time for sallys in NLR/Sherwood Arkansas For a year now. We had the best Mgr in the world...made sure we all got a weekend, always calm, and actually knew how to run a store. So we get the Mgr froM Rodney Parham store (who is infamous for running a store into the ground...paperwork and all. She's never fact a week after she transferred over she requested Fri Sat and sunday off then took 5 days vaca then requested the weekend after that off. She doesn't ever work weekends except for some Sundays. She screws our schedule up so we can't get our deposits done on time. She ran her old store into the ground and now they want her to do our store the she way?? Then the other 40 he employee we got who isn't a manager what's over and was told by Joe hell no...leaves the store whenever she gets a chance. I used to love where I worked but now sallys sucks bc they don't fire people for doing wrong...instead they make them store manager and give them a raise

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