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April 13, 2007 at 5:45 pm - as I was waiting in front of the sally beauty supply at lee and oakton des plaines, illinois I was appalled to see the very pregnant, very young sally clerk leaning against the building chain smoking 2 cigarettes. I know she worked there because she proceeded to go back in the store and sit on the window sill behind the cash register.

From my experience shopping at sally's, this seems to always be the caliber of clerks they employ. After this I will not be giving sallys my business.


  • Te
    teisha Jan 24, 2008

    Yes, there should be a law against this .

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  • Ri
    Ripoff12 Aug 20, 2008

    You need to realise that if there is a pregnate person smoking anywhere (although it is a health risck to her baby) it is not the right of her work place to dictate what she can and cannot do with her life. would you have been happier to hear that the work place would not hire her because she is pregnate? therefore forcing her to live off your tax dollar?

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  • Ka
    Katy Nov 06, 2008

    It is that employee's right to have a smoke break. If she is pregnant and wants to smoke and risk the health of her baby that is none of your concern.

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  • Sa
    SarahY1 Apr 03, 2009

    Despite the fact that this complaint is close to two years old...I'd still like to say, "mind your own." Complain if she was rude to you, complain if the products don't work, complain if there was a neglected spill in the store. It isn't any of your business what that worker chooses to do on her break.

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  • Ar
    Artemis> Mar 01, 2010

    You mentioned the caliber of clerks that Sally's hires. I'm not sure you can judge the caliber of a person by whether they're a smoker or not. And also, if that were the case, what do you expect, it's probably a minimum wage job at best?

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  • Re
    reg2222 Aug 20, 2018

    Beyond disappointed by SallyBeauty 's lack of customer service skills, in particular, by one of their managers by the name of Sheila who has zero respect for customers and is condescending, rude and her character denotes inaptitude to hold any leadership position.

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  • Am
    AmaranthRosenrot Nov 20, 2018

    You could be an awesome employee with great customer service skills, but if you don't sell beauty cards, items of the month, and extended warranties for your monthly quota, they will write you up and soon fire you.

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  • Sa
    Sally's is like a Becky! Aug 26, 2019

    Highly offended by your billboards. You have lost my black dollars for sure! People of color -Do not shop at Sally's!!!

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  • La
    lakin hall Mar 10, 2020

    The manager deleted my student profile. When I went back in the new employee had to enter me back into the system. When I went back in the next time the manager robin Williams REFUSED to give me my student discount & was EXTREMELY RUDE! This is NOT the first incident I had problems with in the store when it came to her or her customer service.

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