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Sallie Mae / Stolen Tax refund

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Sallie Mae is sitting on my tax refund! On Dec. 13th, I have been told by Sallie Mae, a batch of previous borrowers were incorrectly added to the treasury off-set program, resulting in God knows how many peoples' refunds being taken away from them mistakenly. Since the amount is used for security questions and such, I can only say it was well over $2000. I have been calling everyday since January 29th, my expected refund deposit date, and everyday someone tells me another day that the check will be in the mail. They refuse to refund my money and I am losing my car and my transportation to school and to work. I am a landscaper and I depend on my tax refund as income during the slow winter months. When I am called back to work in a couple of weeks, I will have to decline as I will not have transportation. As of 2/18/2010 they are telling me they will mail me MY money next Wednesday. That is too late to receive funds to make my LAST car payment, and I will lose my ca
r as a result. I've had it up to hear with this non-sense and I hope my comment reaches someone, I hope someone has had the same experience, and I hoe to GOD there is some sort fo legal action I can take for their 'computer error'. I suspect the broke Sallie Mae is earning interest and investing our cash in short-selling stocks in order to make a quick buck, but who knows? Who cares? I WANT MY MONEY YESTERDAY!!!

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  • Ma
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    My son applied for Sallie Mae loans to attend a vocational school. Unfortunately the school provided little in the way of education and marketable skills. Also, financial crises prevented him from completing the remainder of his second year.
    Since then he has had to settle for crappy jobs with crappy pay and now has a debt to repay that adds interest exponentially. My son tried to talk to them, when he could actually get hold of a human being and to try to find a middle ground of compromise such as how about a payment that is realistic with the cost of living and wages…all for naught. He was unable to eke out a living with his wages and when it came down to buying food or paying a student loan payment, he opted for the food. Sallie Mae's debt collection and customer service techniques border on criminal and cruel and unusual punishment. They make resolutions impossible and their monthly payment programs are disproportionate to my son's, to anyone's income I would surmise.
    The debt was eventually turned over for collections and we all know there is a special hell for those folks their methods are inhumane, unethical and unreasonable. He now has to deal with the collections and the government in some form or fashion; needless to say he comes up against two very unreasonable and unmerciful entities. The government has their agenda and and collections has theirs and neither the twain shall meet.
    He has currently lost his job and he decided to go back to school and was doing some research on the student loan debacle and discovered there might be some way that not only would he benefit from but that it would make it possible to make some head way into eventually paying back his student loan. He contacted the collection agency that holds the student loan and they told him that if he could consistently make monthly payments for 10 months his loan would go out of default and then he could reapply for student loans. He was also told that they would not attach his tax refund. Well that was a lie because they did and my son received a letter from the treasury department that they had indeed withheld and applied his measly tax refund to the student loan. So now I am thinking if they lied about that they might be lying about the “10 month” deal. He has enlisted my help in assisting him in making these monthly payments and I can’t afford them either. I am now though skeptical if making these payments will actually help him out of the “default status”, allowing him to indeed apply for more student loans to finance a better education for a better paying career. What’s the deal!

  • Rd
      26th of Apr, 2010
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    to maxieru- the pymts are delinquent . thats why the tax check was taken . its like you are still making delinquent pymts . as long as the acct. has a delinquent status, the govt has the right to take the check, even if you have pymt arrangements on the delinquent amt. it sucks, but it definitely pays to read the prom note carefully before signing !

  • Gr
      9th of Feb, 2012
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    Sallie mae called me using my own telephone number.I feel this is wrong.They are unsympathetic when I am on unemployment and nearly homeless.They are rude and should be reprimanded for their actions in harassing people.

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