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TCF BankChecking Account

On 11/16/20 I called in and spoke to an agent to stop an automatic monthly payment to Avant for good. I was charged a $37 fee to do so and told it was taken care of permanently. On 1/4/21 they were allowed to take $131.63 from my account. Your mistake. Talked to agents on 1/4 & 1/5 both assured me a refund would be in my account the next day. Today I was told when I called and it wasn't that it wasn't going to be. I talked with a supervisor I asked to speak to named Elizabeth who had me holding and coming back for the better part of 40 minutes. She informed me that they had paid it out therefore I will not be getting my $131.63 funded back to my account. As previously stated I paid a fee and was assured they would never be able to take any more money from my account in the future on 11/16/20. So now I write this complaint to you asking you to rectify YOUR MISTAKE not mine and please refund your error to my account. On 1/5/20 Rochelle the agent I spoke with said I was being given a credit for the previous $37 fee which I was but still the fact is I was told 2 straight days I would be refunded your error to my account and am now being denied my refund. Having spent over 2 hours trying to handle this problem and being told it would be taken care of to find out I was getting screwed by TCF pissed me off. And if you listen to the recording with Elizabeth you will hear me lose my cool and swear. This money was taken from my Covid stimulus. Having not worked since 3/1/20 this money was much needed so YOUR SCREW UP has put me into even more dire straights. I am asking for an investigation into this matter and a full refund. Finally on 1/4/20 this money was in pending so there is no reason why it was ever paid out. If I am not satisfied with your decision in this matter I will take this complaint to the proper government agency for a further look into TCF banking practices. Thanks for your consideration and looking into this matter.
Richard K. Lange

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    TCF BankI am a victim of fraud. My money was given out from my new checking account

    On 10/30/2020 my check book, driver license, social security card were stolen from me at grocery store. Called police, case # [protected], called bank to put alert on account so no money can come out. Last check I wrote was 10/26/2020. After getting new drivers license went to bank 11/10/2020 to transfer all money to a new account and order new checks. 12/5/2020 received copies of checks that were deposited, shows checks payable to me. check date 11/22/2020 9100.00 closed account, check date 11/23/2020, 7800.00 closed account, check date 11/25/2020 6000.00 frozen blocked account. Branch Withdrawal 11/27/2020 5, 000, 12/2, 2020 5, 000 and 60.00 for bounced checks. All money was taken out of my new account and given to person. My checking account was only used for writing out bills and receiving my SSA check. I keep reaching out to Jeff in fraud department and he states I should of received results and will check into it for me. Still waiting and would like the bank to give my money back. Thank you for listening Pamela J East Case number [protected]

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      Nov 29, 2020

      TCF Bank — All

      15 yrs with tcf. They do not accept rolled coins, no notary public, used to be open 364 days a year. Now they...

      TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation12/2003 lien on property need clarification 2445 2nd ave east no. st. pal, mn. 55109 ramsey pin

      12/2003 lien on property need clarification 2445 2nd ave east no. st. pal, MN. 55109 Ramsey pin
      lien for 152, 326.00 this lien needs clarification removal or subordinated
      john p Perkins cell [protected] email [protected]@yahoo.com
      in process of refinance mortgage and lender found lien on my title this needs to be rectified as soon as possible, thank you please contact me soon by cell or email i need documentation to support TCF claims.

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        TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporationppp agent fees

        We are a CPA firm who filed for PPP loans on behalf of our clients. SBA mandates that the bank pay agent fees on PPP loan applications. TCF has refused to pay us the approximate $24, 000 in fees due for agent fees.

        We worked with other banks on the PPP loans who have all paid us agent fees. We have talked to several other CPA firms and all of them were told by TCF that they would not be paying them any agent fees.

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          TCF BankCustomer service

          I have been unable to access my online account because it sends a verification code to my landline. I have called numerous times with unbelievably long wait times. Today I just left the phone on speaker, and after about 45 minutes someone came on. He then took forever to verify every single piece of information about me, and then hung up on me when I couldn't take his condescending attitude any more and yelled at him. All I want is to check my account online, and to be treated with a degree of courtesy and respect. All three are sorely lacking.

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            TCF Bank / TCF Financial CorporationCan not get a hold of anyone!

            I have several things that I must talk to them about and I have called several times and been on hold for over 2 hours with no representative ever answering my calls. They have posted all over the place that call volume is expecting over 60 minute waits. Well, if you know that you should account for it in staff. I work and have kids, so sitting on the phone for 2+ hours is a huge inconvenience for me, and frankly anyone that has to do business with them. Now that I saw other complaints about an insurance check, one of many of the things I am calling about, I am sure that this is going to be harder than need be. They also did not take an auto payment out, so I am actually trying to clear up a payment that they missed that I am sure the credit bureaus will not care who's fault it was, but my credit will be hit. This is the most frustrating place I have had to deal with and I will be looking to move all business away from them as soon as I can.

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              TCF Bank / TCF Financial CorporationOnline banking and customer service

              I have had accounts with TCF for well over 20 years. The latest merger has made it impossible for me to log into my accounts on line, as a verification code keeps being sent to a land line phone even though my cell is listed with them. I have spent hours on hold on several different occasions trying to get ahold of someone about this to finally just give up. Today August 20, 2020 I went into a location and was told its happening to thousands of people, deposits are not be put into peoples accounts, checks are bouncing because of this. I'm concerned about how easy it would be for professionals to gain access to our information if they can't fix their own problems. I pay my bills on line through the on-line banking and am now worried about getting payments made on time. I'm starting to feel the mail would be faster.

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                • Jo
                  John O'Keefe Aug 28, 2020
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I have also had two accounts with TCF for years and have no access to either of my accounts on-line. Before the merger things were excellent and now even if you reach "customer service " many of the people that you talk to have no idea how to solve this problem. I am amazed that a bank would let itself reach this level of irresponsibility! I will be stopping by my little TCF in Edina to see if anyone there can solve this, or I will cancel my accounts and go to another bank. It's really too bad after many years of being a responsible bank system.

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                Jun 09, 2020

                TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation — Overdraft fees

                My account was charged a total of 5 overdraft fees within one day and I didn't receive one alert...

                TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporationunauthorized use of my debit card and checking account.

                I reported unauthorized activity on my account and your fraud department told me that the the activity was justified because it was done over the phone. I have incurred several thousand dollars in OD and NSF fees because of this activity. Every time I have called about these excessive fees, I was told that there is nothing they could do about it. Also in this unauthorized activity, I had 3 loans taken out in my name that I have no idea where they came from. Is there anyone at your bank that actually cares about customers?? And because of these excessive fees, my entire disability check is now lost to me and I have to find a way to live for the next month.

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                  Sep 18, 2019

                  TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation — ann bank manager

                  I went into Palos Heights, IL TCF bank with my father and mother's death certificates to find they have...

                  TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporationgarnishment procedures

                  Please see a copy/paste of letter to MN Attorney General office:

                  Deborah Dotson
                  506 Edmund Avenue
                  St. Paul, MN [protected]

                  July 15, 2019

                  Mr. Evan Vogel
                  Consumer Services Division
                  Office of the Attorney General
                  445 Minnesota St., Ste. 1400
                  St. Paul, MN [protected]

                  Dear Mr. Vogel:

                  Thank you for your reply to my concerns and information provided; I will indeed contact the Minnesota OLPR as you suggested but, for the record, the main crux of my complaint is proper, legal notice ("Summons") was not received until after the garnishment occurred either from Gurstel or the financial institution. Just today, a week after the removal of funds, were papers received (deceptively dated July 8; which was the date funds were cleared from the account) not allowing me to respond within in legal time-frame.

                  Gurstel Law Firm P.C. has twenty complaints to the Better Business Bureau within a three year time frame; apparently, this is their modus operandi. Currently, I have a case awaiting hearing with Social Security Disability. At this writing the debt is five years old as this is when long-term disability insurance expired; since then I have had no regular or dependable income.

                  Deborah Dotson

                  cc: Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board
                  Thersia Walsh, Gurstel Law Firm, P.C.
                  TCF Financial Corp., www.complaintsboard.com

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                    • Cl
                      Clee Degidio Sep 20, 2019
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      I had been requesting my online account be closed and funds transfered to my other bank Tcf had closed my account after 1 week of charity deposit and told me in the bank while customer and my co -worker present that our funds are fraud and this was loud by the bank manager funds were deposited then taken out then re- deposited well didn't sound like fraud to me but that what their trying to make it sound like debit/atm had a hold and next thing I know the accounts closed and due to the transfer saying it was fraud your the ones that flagged the account May 27, 2019, as told by recorded conversation with your fraud dept and customer service employee Apple, and your banking policy is what? what we see is they had 3 chances not to deposit the much- needed funds to our program and now you scream it was a fraud., how does TCF close our account and do not have the correct social security number ..so fraud supervisor Victor ( 50781) said there's no documentation of fraud on July 25, 2019, @ 2:30 p.m. I was asked to bring my ss card which I did September 11, 2019, at the West Bdwy branch where they were helpful but still you go above and beyond you close our account don't have correct social security number accuse me of fraud discriminate against us. Then I order TCF gift cards aprox. $6.000 get a confirmin number along with Paid in full. then 2 days later I received a TCF letter telling me my TIN does not match. I have an EIN.

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                    TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporationinsurance claim check endorsement

                    I contacted tcf bank when I received my claim check from the insurance company. tcf is the second mortgage holder for my house and advised me what steps to take. I followed tcf instructions and submitted my checks. Initial contact made on March 21 via phone, sent letter on March 22, 2019.

                    Despite my efforts to follow all of tcf's "rules" they continue to deny my endorsement request due to the fact that I cannot get a written list of endorsement requirements from my first lien holder, Freedom Mortgage.

                    Freedom Mortgage has repeatedly told me that they do not have any requirements and endorsed my checks and approved the insurance claim within 24 hours. Freedom Mortgage contacted tcf per my request, and advised that such, and did send additional information via fax on April 22, 2019

                    I have been in communication with tcf bank for over 4 weeks now, without success. They continue to push back and send me on a wild goose chase to track down Freedom Mortgages written requirements, which I have not been able to verify or obtain.

                    This has forced me to pay for my property damages with my credit card, forcing me to take on more debt while tcf sits on checks to pay for the damage.

                    April, 24, 2019.

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                      TCF Bank / TCF Financial CorporationI received an email indicating there was fraud on my checking account.

                      I went to my local tcf bank, which by the way has awesome customer service but was unable to see anything in my account activity that appeared unusual. We shredded my debit card & I was issued a new card. The supervisor advised I contact the tcf customer service number indicated in the email. I was very hesitant since the last time I did the person I spoke to was of no help has no customer service skills at all however the supervisor said they has information available to them on their screens that the local branches did not. I phoned the number on the email, told the woman what happened. She said she could help me, then the line went dead. I called back, got another women, told her what happened, she asked my name, old card number, me address, last 4 numbers of my ss the them the line went dead again! I'm thinking really??? Tcf it's probably been 5 years since I called tcf customer service & they are still the worst I have ever dealt with in my entire life!!! They just drop a call? Really? So I still have no idea who, what this fraud was. I would like to have pursued it but because the customer service of tcf is just pitiful that is never going to happen. And what makes me more upset is there isn't any person I can talk to about this so it will just keep happening. Why go I still bank at tcf? My local tcf has amazing customer service! They bend over backwards for everyone.

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                        TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation — dishonest and unethical business services

                        I spoke to a CSR about an amount owed on a perviously finance vehicle that was stolen in January of 2018. The...

                        TCF Bank / TCF Financial Corporation — tcf bank closed my account with no notifications

                        I'm a TCF bank customer since 1994 and, this November, the bank closed my account with out informing me!...

                        TCF Bank — poor management of my checking account

                        Good Afternoon, I am one of perhaps thousands of your customers who are tired of the "re-sorting or...

                        TCF Bank — mortgage balloon, mortgage modification

                        This started in 2008 when I went through being laid off by TCF Mortgage. I was going to walk away and declare...

                        TCF Bankchecking and savings account.

                        When I started the process to open these accounts with tcf I had to send in a copy of my id and social. Only to later see that a -$170 had posted to my account. Reason being someone used my social to open an account and even though you could clearly see the information did not match tcf made me jump through burning hoops to try to get the balance removed. When I filed the police report it was not good enough so they refused to remove the balance from my valid accounts. Then a week later they closed my accounts. And tried to tell me the reason for the closure was the balance owed. How do I owe a balance on an account I never opened. This is by far the worst bank I never had a chance to bank with. I don't recommend them for anything. And I am gladly taking my business elsewhere.

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                          TCF Bankautomated directory service

                          I called In to ask a simple question and it took me 10 minutes to get to a customer service rep. There was no hold time, and this was all trying to navigate the service. If I want to talk to someone I should be able to talk to someone. I know your corporate employees are capable of deploying a reliable system, so why don't they? Are they sub par, or does tcfbank just not care?

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