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i've been shopping online for over 5 years and i have never ever come across such an appalling online retailer platform. If Saks is incapable to handle the online system yet, then i would suggest you just focus on offline stores. worse experience i had ever to for online purchase: in a nutshell - DONT SHOP IN THEIR WEBSITE, WORST ONLINE PURCHASE SYSTEM EVER, INCAPABLE OF HANDLING ANY ONLINE PURCHASE / TRANSACTION. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE WHO CANNOT OFFER MUCH HELP. WHOLE STORY: 1. after placing an international order on Saks website, i received a confirmation email from Borderfree, but dont be too happy yet, as that doesnt mean the order placing is REALLY confirmed. I waited for 2 days and still have not received any shipment email, so i called Saks customer service hotline - nightmare began - they said the order didnt go through. probably system error, asked me to try again... therefore, i placed again, and then called them, and they said system error - i went through this whole stupid process for more than 5 times - one of the customer service staff said she was terribly sorry so she'd offer me a 10% discount on my next purchase, so therefore i made another order, then called them they told me i cannot use that 10% discount. i dont know how many times later (and the whole process took me 4-5 days) i can finally receive a shipment confirmation, telling me the order has been placed ---and-- i waited for over a week to receive the parcel. 2. the pumps were half a size too large, and so i have to return it - i emailed to ask for a refund, as usual, no response. i called their customer services, put me on hold for over 20mins, and then they finally put a manager on the line and told me that she just sent me the email for instruction of returning a goods to Saks. i asked her for charges and other details, she said she didnt know anything about return / refund. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

Dec 21, 2015

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