Safeway / safeway employees victims of mobbing and bullying practices

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Safeway employees are victims of mobbing and bullying practices! Poor mgt practices overlook low employee morale due to constant changing job shifts, below workweek hours, and employee gossip and defamation of character forces many to leave…..The results are poor customer service and poor job performance in all areas……Many stores are closing…And consumers are going elsewhere…..

My son is 3000 dollars poorer because of unfilled promises For a mgt position . He relocated for his job and then when the promised mgt position did not materialize had to move again losing 3000. This after putting in almost 4 1/2 years with the company ! I too am out of pocket helping him subsidize his income because of fewer hours etc. The result of his employment with safeway caused him health and mental distress …..He is so much better now that he no longer has to put up with all the harassment he received .

He now has a job as an asst property mgr….. But still hears rumors that have defamed his character even after not being employed by safeway for 2 months including one that he was sent to prison!! I am incensed …..

He was called gay on his first day of work at the sandy safeway while on break with my other son who works in another store in sandy . Employees who did not know either of them called them partners! …I am so incensed by this that it all i can do not to go into that store and take on the mgr myself…..

I am hoping that others that have received such treatment will organize a class action suit against the store. I see that there are many out there!

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      Dec 10, 2012

    Hey, why not buy the boys matching shirts for Christmas? (or are they already hidden away waiting to be wrapped?)

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