Safeway management at the cordelia safeway is more concerned about denying patronage to the homeless than it is about providing service with a good attitude.
For several weeks the mostly female deli has been attempting non service to me for no reason other than the fact i'm a man and i'm assertive about getting my food made the way I want it... Instead of how they want to make it.

Last friday night, november 17th, at about 7:40 pm, I went to the deli and asked politely if I could get something... The individual who was there was one of the one's who has refused me service many times... Forcing someone else to serve me, or, forcing me to go the store manager to be served (I was told to do this by store manager denise when ever one of the deli workers refused me service because of all the lying the deli does in there quest for the power to refuse service).

That was the case friday night... The female deli worker forced me to find store manager (Megan, that particular night) who served me... Afterwards I needed a fork and the basket normally containing the forks was empty so knowing the forks were behind the deli I again went to megan to have her get me one... The pantry closet where megan had to go was adjacent to the area where the worker was. When megan went into the pantry I calmly asked that worker "what's the problem you have serving me anyway?'... She turned over her shoulder and said" [censor] off "!
My complaint is that after patronizing this store for several months I have observed and experience one undeserved humiliation after another from the deli department and the manager (Denise) is not open to receiving complaints against females and has been over-protective of several in the deli department who should have been fired as and example to the rest of the group (Three women, in particular ;... All in dis-honest collusion attempting to humiliate /not serve anyone acting assertive and critical... Especially a homeless man who does so)

The following mourning I went to denise (Not really expecting her, based on past experience with this issue, to be fair) to tell her about this and was met with her usual" I have the whole deli against you jeff! "no one wants to serve you!... Which is a lie since there are workers (Mostly men) who are not made" uncomfortable "by interacting with me.
While she was serving me all this crap she was calling other workers over to where we were talking... I was very upset already regarding what I view as an abuse of the" majority rules edict "which denise was following blindly... While trying to make my rebuttal which basically was" it doesn't matter that they are a majority... If they're lying about something they're wrong and should be fired ".. A worker should especially be fired for saying" [censor] you " to a customer.
And, most importantly, a manager protecting the character of such a worker should be fired.

Nov 20, 2017

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