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So my service was cut off yesterday when my service is still paid up for another two months. I've called and talked with 7 different people each giving the run around transferring me to person to person. Then the last person I spoke with was supposed to be restarting my servicing and rebooting my phone via wireless remote. She first said I'll be placed on hold for two minutes. She came back on the line and said another five minutes. After that I sat and listened to her talk to other employees and sing. Yes she sang and sang. After 35 minutes of this I said hello and dialed numbers trying to get her attention. Nothing. Then after 40 minutes I was redirectted without taking to her but this time it was a recording saying they are closed!!!
I am convinced these people place us on hold so they don't have to do work. They are on an automatic call system that automatically sends calls to them if they aren't already on a call. So, the trick is to take a call, ask for information then say please hold and then go jerk off somewhere. The business owners are at fault here. If they can't run a business they shouldn't have one.

Dec 04, 2018

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