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My husband and I decided to have our forever home built by Ryan. After reading all the negative reviews, I did not want to proceed. But I was told that most of the negative reviews were from other states. and so where I lived, I shouldnt have to worry. They would have the BEST contractors etc. So I took there word for it, and proceeded with Ryan. We all deserve a second chance after all. Right?
The first day I met with Shane, The Sales Rep, I gave him all our information to see where we would be approved for what amount. He came back 10 mins later and said we are good to go, lets put a FOR SALE sign on your lot! So exciting! The paper work is now being processed for a "pre approval", but I already put a FOR SALE sign on a lot, that they said, Its ours, you are good to go! etc.. 2 weeks later, I spent about 4 hours picking out selections. Who picks out selections even before you know you are pre approved or not? Well, Ryan Homes does this for there customers. I said why do this if we arent even 100% sure yet of a exact approval? Just go ahead, move forward its all fine. Spent another 3 hours with the lender NVR, who also said, move forward, things look great etc. After 2 weeks, I get a call saying that our loan was approved for a little less then expected. Meaning if you want this house, you need to come up with xxx dollars to make it work. No problem on my end. I was willing. Ready to sign papers, they call and say we need to change your lot, because that one is much more. ok, I accept. Move on, get new papers to sign. Get another call, oh we are not at the right numbers, can you maybe down grade your selections? ok, did that. Ready to sign papers. Get another call, lets go over this together. We go through each line by line, I notice I have brick, not stone, "oh, no problem we can change that". No, please send me a new document to sign showing stone. ok. Get call back, sorry cant do stone, to many houses on block have same stone. You can only do brick. Dont want Brick. I felt this deal was wrong from day 1 reading the reviews. If you dont get approved, they treat you like garbage if the numbers arent what they want to hear. If you cancel the deal, they are even nastier. I decided to cancel. Asked for my deposit back, and the rep (Shane) tells me, its out of my hands. im not dealing with this, speak to corporate. Really now? you were quick to take my deposit. Had to call Corp, his Sales Manager etc. Now waiting on my deposit. DO NOT use RYAN! Many builders out there. They are rude, nasty, full of false promises, They tell you what you want to hear to make a deal work, and if it doesnt, they say its not there fault, but yours. And dont ask alot of questions, because they sigh, get annoyed like you are keeping them on the phone to long. Horrible worse experience ever. I should have listened to my gut from day 1 after reading all the horrible reviews. Glad I didnt move forward, makes me think that if I did, & had a problem with they wouldnt care after all anyway. Only for them to get your money is all they care about! STAY AWAY from RYAN!!!

Dec 01, 2016

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