Ryan Homes Complaints & Reviews

Ryan Homes / refrigerator

Apr 23, 2019

October 2017 moved i a new development with Ryan Homes -Independence Woods Brenda and Lionel White 1628 Hooper ct charlotte nc i called support to let them know my refrigerator was cracking the handle and the freezer they stated to me something fell on it which that did not happen they...

Ryan Homes / poor workmanship, ceiling leaking and cracking in bathroom after 2 years in home

Feb 27, 2019

I am so dissatisfied with workmanship of my Ryan home in The Hollandale Estates in Lavergne, TN. The materials of the home are very cheap and it is evident as my home is now falling apart. The ceiling in the master bath starting leaking a few weeks ago. The ceiling is now splitting and the...

Ryan Homes / our new ryan home

Feb 09, 2019

Ryan sold us a piece of junk. Cheapest materials and workmanship from the cracking drywall, squeaky sub floor and stairs due to no screws, leaking gutters, hvac controls that wont automatically switch from heat to air, crappy plastic plumbing lines, cabinets coming apart and more. House i...

Ryan Homes / air conditioner

Sep 21, 2018

When building our home in 2016 we expressed many concerns about the air conditioner and would it be sufficient for the amount of square footage. We were assured that it would be fine. We added a room to the 2nd floor and thereby increased our square footage from the original model. We...

NVR Home Ryan Homes / nvr homes in ellicott city

Sep 12, 2018

Bought a NVR Home 3 years ago. Even though it's a new build. The problems with it are never ending. - cracks in concrete steps - roof improperly installed - grading around foundation not up to standard - gutter leak although it's new. Repair guy to me it improperly installed I...

Ryan Homes / warranty request

Aug 20, 2018

I Timmy Jones submitted a warranty request for issues in my house. The first warranty request I received a call from Matt, he said he was the superviser for warranties in my community (Landsdale). We could not agree on an appointment time. Finally one day I got of work early so I called...

Ryan Homes / ryan homes is irresponsible. is it legal?

Aug 05, 2018

Im rather dissappointed with my new home built by ryans home. It has only been a year and a half and ive already have so many problems. My warranty expired but recently i have a rood leaking problem and 2 roofer company came and told me it wasnt the roof problem but the way the structure...

Ryan Homes / grading and improper laying of the sod

Jul 27, 2018

We purchased a new home in Garrison Manor, Mechanicsville, VA. Moved in September 15, 2017. When we first looked at the lot it was a completely flat lot. Due to medical issues we requested this lot because of the flatness. Our backyard has a 4 feet drop in it now from the deck to the...

Ryan Homes / construction, improper grading, improper water drainage from land

Jul 19, 2018

Whom It May Concern: My name is Phillip L. Diamond, 7837 Sedge Dr., New Kent, VA. 23124. My wife and I purchased this new property in New Kent County, VA. in September 2017. The location is called "Arbors At New Kent". Our home is a Cottage style home with two levels and approx 2700...

Ryan Homes / lawn

Jul 04, 2018

The area ide tidied in the pictures was originally well kept with lawn. The lawn was full with grass growth and well maintained. After development started wit new single family homes immediately next to townhomes the area was used for concrete pit, housing materials storage, and large...

Ryan Homes / driveway is pitting and cracking

Jun 21, 2018

I purchased my Ryan home in November 2016 in Middetown, DE. Over the last 5 months I have noticed cracks and pitting in the driveway. I contacted the warranty repair site 3 times. Finally, a project manager contact me and told me that the cracking and pitting is not covered past 1 year...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / poor building practices wet subfloor

Jun 08, 2018

I am currently building a Ryan home. During the framing phase, the subfloor was saturated and had standing water for multiple days until the roof could be put on. We have requested the subfloor be replaced before further construction occurs. The project manager Mr Michaels has refused to...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / appraisal fraud?

May 17, 2018

I purchased my home a little over 2 years ago. I am relocating and have put the house on the market. The new buyers appraisal just came back at 22K LESS than the purchase price - and previous appraisal. 2 yrs where property values have been going up. It seems very suspicious that there wa...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / customer care program/customer service rep

May 11, 2018

Hello my name is Dexter Brown, I just recently purchase a Ryan Home not even a month ago. On Friday 5/11/18 around 18:15 pm I noticed my garage door had come off the Track and bent a railing and a few screws had come loose. Around 18:28 I called the Customer Care Program, to see what can...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / shoddy work/gross negligence and gross incompetence

May 10, 2018

I purchased my ryan townhome in 2006 (sigh). Recently hired an home inspector, and learned that the bathroom vent on the roof had been slowly but consistently leaking over the years because the vent was installed partially into the siding of the dormers! The inspector told me that the vent...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / siding home

Apr 09, 2018

Steve a jackson 1131 long farm circle Brunswick crossing Wind storm mar 2018 substantial damage to all the siding on one side of the home that had damage less than a year ago when the home was under the builder's warranty. I have had the home for exactly 1 year 7 months. During the 2018...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / shingles on roof, garage bracket just broke off from ceiling and porch siding fell out ceiling and blew away.

Mar 18, 2018

Four shingles in different areas of the roof just blew off, siding from the front porch in one area blew of off. Crack in the wood on the front porch just started pulling apart and today I pull out of my garage and the bracket holding the garage door on it's track just pop throwing the...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / nvr won't fix lingering roof shingles

Mar 16, 2018

Dear NVHomes: I am contacting you to complain about the shingles that you refuse to have repaired. Last year (2017), when the same shingles came off the roof you sent a repair person who replaced the shingles. However, with the big winds we had 2 weeks (Mar-2018), the same shingles have...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / loose siding

Mar 12, 2018

We had a house built by Ryan Homes and moved in on January 18, 2017. In early March of 2018 we had a nor'easter come thru and 2 pieces of siding (high up on the side of the house) came loose. I contacted their service center and was told we were out of warranty and had to contact the...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / house

Mar 09, 2018

Ryan built out home in Patriot's Landing. This is our 5th new home and 3rd we built from ground up. WORST HOME builder EVER. I would offer to buy their nails since few were used on woodwork. I am having to take off caulk from the top of all woodwork and doors and redo. If walls were...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / condo plumbing leaking system reoccurring leak

Oct 18, 2017

On 2015, I purchased a Ryan Builder/ Picasso condo at Discovery Square, Oakhill, VA 20171. Since this short time I have had 3 major water leaks. The first leak occurred Feb. 2016 and the root cause was a manufacturer defect with the actual Jacuzzi tub and Ryan had no other choice but to...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / unethical behaviour

Oct 15, 2017

Complain Against: Ryan Home 690 Studio Lane, Concord, NC 28027 (704) 787-9941 Incident: I am a nonresident alien in US (H1B) staying in US since 2014 and booked a new house with Ryan Homes on 9/21/2017 for property address: 11050 Discovery Ln Concord, NC 28027. Before signing my contract...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / tolit installation

Sep 19, 2017

I purchased a new home from Ryan Hones in 2009. Today we discovered the upstairs tolit was installed incorrectly. The downstairs ceiling started leaking water and I called a plumber. It was discovered one of the upstairs tolit was installed incorrectly by the builder. The flange sits below...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / mortgage service from roundpoint mortgage services

Aug 18, 2017

Loan #2003383789. Your August 2016 selection of this company to service my NVR mortgage on a condo was an incredibly poor choice. Having lived in nine states, with five different mortgages, RoundPoint has provided — by far — the worst service I've ever seen regarding my Escrow and Harford...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / homes

Aug 10, 2017

Ryan Homes Threatens its homeowners to not go public. I wont be deterred. Do not let scare tactics get to you by this group. There is a class action 2017 brewing we are going after licenses to build and their ability to develop. I am sick and tired of being tired. I want these people held...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / mortgage company

Jul 26, 2017

We have presented two competitor quotes with much lower rates to no avail with NVR. They bait you with closing cost assistance and then charge you via points in order for them to lower your rate. Notice I did not say match because we have been informed that they do not do so. Seems to be...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / poor customer service

Jul 19, 2017

We own a Ryan home which was built in 2009. On Monday, 7/17/17, I arrived home with my sons from a vacation around 1200 pm to find that one of our chandeliers had fallen two stories onto our hardwood floor. I had a contractor come to let me know what happened and he noticed that the...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / very poor construction!

Jun 02, 2017

Had home built in 2012 and all windows are letting extreme moisture into home and causing mold issues! Everything including window seals and cabnits are made from pressed wood! Total junk! Am getting mold sickness! Would never recommend anyone to buy a Ryan home! Ohio home owners please...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / sales/project manager/customer service

May 13, 2017

Ryan homes are a bunch of liars!!! Don't believe a word they tell you! All they want is a sale! My husband and I purchased a ryan home in 2014. We chose a corner lot to build our home on because of a small vacant space that they called "common area" behind our lot, as well as a beautiful...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / siding on my home warping

May 07, 2017

I contacted you about year ago about the siding on my home at 8013 Dorado Terrace Brandywine Maryland warping on the western side of my home. I sent a sample of the siding to the manufacturer and they indicated that the warping was caused by the sunlight reflecting from my neighbor...

[Resolved] NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / falling apart

Mar 15, 2017

We built our home with Ryan 2 1/2 years ago. At first we were happy with the home, but recently have noticed hinge falling apart. Our living room ceiling below our master bath tub has water damage line, wood on fire place mantle is starting to bow. Wooden pieces have just fallen odd our...

[Resolved] Ryan Homes / customer service, leesburg, va - crescent place

Mar 02, 2017

We visited this location multiple times, spoke with the sales people multiple times by phone, emailed with the salespeople multiple times, and finally went in to commit to purchasing a Godfrey model. We were told that that model was sold out over a month ago, but that they would be happy...

Ryan Homes / squeaky floors, shotty drywall work and paper thin walls

Jan 13, 2017

I purchased in anderson mill in sandston, va in may 2014. Two years later, I began to notice that the floors started squeaky very loudly, so much that it was embarrassing when my guests noticed all of the noise through the ceiling. When I had my final inspection before the first year wa...

Ryan Homes / nail pops

Jan 13, 2017

I purchased a townhome from Ryan Homes 3 years ago. The townhome was brand new. Everything started off fine but I quickly noticed what a cheap job they did. Within 6 months of living there I noticed nail pops in every room of the house. I contacted Ryan and they said that at the one year...

Ryan Homes / hardwood floors, staircase, lack of landscaping, etc

Jan 02, 2017

Say no to purchasing any new construction home from ryan homes with amenities such as $16, 000 worth of buckled hardwood floors installed by riterug flooring over a moisture laden slab, a bare yard full of deep crevices abs unscreeded rocks, stones, construction debris but no grass and...

Ryan Homes / cracks and nail pops everywhere! still!

Dec 21, 2016

I purchased a home from Ryan in July of 2015, everything was fine until the one year drywall and final fixings came for all repairs needed. I person that oversees all repairs name is Shawn and his is a complete a**hole! The guy they assigned to come out just basically pastered over the...

Ryan Homes / process and staff

Dec 01, 2016

My husband and I decided to have our forever home built by Ryan. After reading all the negative reviews, I did not want to proceed. But I was told that most of the negative reviews were from other states. and so where I lived, I shouldnt have to worry. They would have the BEST contractor...

Ryan Homes / interior

Nov 20, 2016

We settled on a townhouse in late March. We were gone from early June thru early October with the understanding that everything would be taken care of while we were gone. I suffer with upper respiratory problems so we did not want to be around when there was sanding and wall work. And...

Ryan Homes / everything

Nov 16, 2016

I am not sure who to write about this but I want to share my experience and see if anyone has advice.  This is going to be long so please bare with me.  I am not typically a complainer however this has been the most disappointing experience of my life.  I say disappointing because this wa...

Ryan Homes / new construction of townhome

Aug 01, 2016

I moved into a Ryan's home townhome in Nov 2015. Three weeks after I moved in my side yard began eroding and washing away into the retention pond beside my house. The Project Manager said he was having the developer look into this. Nothing has happened other than they came in late June and...