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you get what you pay for

Ryan home is a low coast builder ever thing they use from cheap materials to very cheap labor thats y they sell homes for so cheap a good builder cant compete with them. thats y there homes fall apart . build the same kind of house you have with a good builder it will coast you more but you wont have any problems and the value will always go up verses trying to get your money back or even lose money so be smart and god bless and if you do build with ryan keep your eyes open from start to finish of construction and make sure theres a good inspector on the job inspecting every thing.

poor workmanship and no quality control

Will just state the facts:

House not centered on foundation.

Every wall had at least four major flaws.

Driveway had to be replaced.

Spacing issue’s with wood floors.

Upgraded cabinets are of same quality of stock items.

Project Manager had no knowledge of construction.

75% of the windows had to the drywall removed and replace because of curves.

Tapping and mudding is the worst I’ve seen. You can see every tape line in the ceilings.

Lighting fixture had very large hole behind them, I guess if you don’t see it’s not a mistake.

All the walls bow.

Have been the house a year and 2 months and still finding issue. Ryan has so called fixed some issue, but will quickly bring out the housing code's to say, well in with in 1/2 in.

I would recommend, if you are going to have a house build don't. Find one that is a least 25 years old and fix it up. At least when you paint a wall the line will straight between the wall and ceiling.

  • Th
    The Cabezas Dec 28, 2012

    we had to replace both the sewer and water mains..I know, we were told that the house settled, ok, given that, our house is 12yrs old and we just repaired the water main..we would have never known there was problem, thx to CPW, they saw such a rise in our water usage and contacted us with the problem...It took us almost 2 mths to find the problem!!
    Our 2nd floor air unit stopped working in 2004(3yrs after purchasing the home!! Since 2004 we have paid several HTG/AC contractors to repair our problem(leaking valve) 2010 one contractor that had been to our house over several years said he could no longer repair the leaks!! Our only option was replace the 2nd floor unit and eventually replace the main floor unit. I am not pleased with this is no longer a home but a "Money Pit" and it needs to stop now!!
    I have other complaints such as leaking roof, wrong color appliances..etc. I will surely share my woes to anyone that is willing to help solve my problems and make this a happy home!!

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We bought our Ryan Quartermaine townhouse in late 2008. We had given Ryan intent in Dec 2007. They promised...

doesn't care about customers

These people saw me coming a mile away. I was vulnerable and they used it. It was very very apparent that I could not afford to buy a home, however, these * needed the sale so bad that they didn't care. After I was denied by nvr they wanted me to go to lender after lender, meanwhile my credit is only getting worse and worse. It took the threat of my lights to be turned off, and the threat of eviction for me to stop the purchase of this home. After borrowing money over and over again, i'm still in the hole and fighting to get my money returned that they were well aware I had no business giving up. This company has no care for anyone at all, if they did, they would have told me up front instead of telling me I could afford it only to deny me later... Don't trust them, they put the pretty and personable people out front for a reason.

  • Er
    Eric2 Jul 31, 2013

    Once you buy from ryan home then they wont come to fix the home issue. DO NOT buy overall. they have hundreds reason not to do the screwed up job by cheap workers.

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health problems, birth defecrs, auto immune disease

In 1977 i purchased a new home built Ryan homes. I had new Urrea formaldehyde insulation in the walls and wa...

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bait and switch

We are in the process of buying a Ryan Home and we feel duped. When we first went in to look at lots we were told we could build any model on any lot. We picked a lot and even put down a deposit to hold that lot. We were then told that we could not build our model on that lot because it would look odd and yield too many steps. Now this being a rear load garage home and the garage being on the basement level I expected a few steps. I figured that the main factor in the number of steps would be the difference in elevation between the road in front of and behind the home. If the road behind the home sat lower then that would yield fewer steps in front. We were told that we could not build the model that we wanted on the lot we picked because of steps the pad and because it would look odd. This was after being told initially that we could build any model on any lot. The number was about 10. We then went to another much smaller lot and were told that the model we picked would sit better on that lot and that it would yield fewer steps. I contacted the sales person and stated that the I did not see how the new lot would yield fewer steps, but I was assured that once the pad went down and they started filling the land it would work out better. We went through a month long process of taking time off to pick out all of the options. We came to the pre-construction meeting and found out that the lot we were forced into would yield 16 to 17 steps. That is almost double what was unacceptable on the original lot we picked, but they were willing to build it on the current lot with that number of steps to the front entrance. So now we were mad and tried to work with the sales person to get something worked out. The first thing they tried to do was to talk us into an even smaller lot which was our least favorite choice to begin with. We threatened to pull out of the contract and are currently waiting to see if they can place us on the lot next to the original one we picked out. It seems that we were baited and switched and really misled. I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with this situation. We really like the community and the model of home and it would break my wife's heart to walk away, but if they will not allow us to build on an acceptable lot I think I will have to walk away. C

stay away

They have new constuction in Hardyston nj, and their is never no agents their to show the homes even thou the sign says some one should be their!The seem to hire realtors from hours away, not good work ethics, lazy no show agents!!!We liked the homes but can never get in to view them.Called a local realtor and he was nice enough to come and try to help us, but was unable to reach an agent, the office told him they dont give their cell#s out, Ryan homes should have hired him, so we are moving on, you stink!!!

driveway issues not resolved

Ryan Homes driveway issues not resolved!

Some things to think about before you build a Ryan Home...yes, they're inexpensive...but as my 85 year old father still says to this day... "You get what you pay for! " In this case it's true...

I've noticed in their model...They had a "name brand" furnace in their neighbors and myself have "generic" models in our homes...They claim, in order to keep the cost of their homes as low as they are, they purchase from different suppliers to get the best deal...This example was also noticed with their toilets and a pedestal sink...In the model they showed Crane brand toilets, they tried to install Mansfield toilets and a pedestal sink in my home, which is a lesser grade product...I refused to take the Mansfield product...they then installed the Crane brand after they gave me a hard time...They'll show you one thing in a model, then give you something else in your home! Watch out!!!...

Bad ventilation system concerning the heating and cooling of various rooms...Some rooms are hot...some are freezing...especially on the second floor...All of my neighbors complained about this issue...

When they were building the house, I noticed they will not put anything that is unnecessary into the construction of the house...If it meets "code", that's where they stop...I wanted "Tyvek" house wrap installed on the outside of my home, I was even willing to pay extra for the product...They refused to install it stating it wasn't required by code in our area...

My basement leaked, along with half the other Ryan Homes in our section of the development...Stonebridge Creek in Avon, Ohio...the is a development where Ryan Homes moved into when the housing market went South, to offer an inferior product, at a greatly reduced cost compared to the other homes in the neighborhood...If you do build with Ryan Homes, expect to deal with the problems, and a million excuses why you shouldn't be concerned and never have the issues resolved in the long run...

Which leads me to my biggest issue...My Ryan Home driveway was discolored a blackish gray from an incorrect mixture of calcium when it was poured...a six inch "bubble" resulted at the end of the driveway along with chipping on the surface in various areas about the size of a quarter in about thirty different areas...You could hear and feel the difference in hardness between the correctly poured light colored areas of concrete, and the dark gray areas by scratching a piece of metal along the surface..After having nine various Ryan Managers out...they said they won't replace the driveway...Pick up the Ryan Home Home Owners Booklet, which is a blue booklet...It covers every imaginable situation or problem that may occur to a home, it states they will make repairs at their "discretion" for about 70 percent of the issues that are in the booklet...Which means, they will come up with a million reasons why its not their fault, then, they won't fix the problem...That's how they cover their butt!

You may be tempted by the price, attractive sales reps., and special offers to lure you in...Do your to Ryan homeowners...Remember my experience...Then go to plan "B"...Build with some one other than Ryan Homes...

ryan homes driveway issue not resolved!

Ryan Homes driveway issues not resolved! Some things to think about before you build a Ryan

scam and cheating

Ryan homes, a name you can trust. Hah! New to the USA and the housing market we researched and found that in our area oh Ohio Ryan had the least complaints. We signed up and moved on 31st Dec. The house was nowhere near complete. The building inspector would not pass the house on completion day until 5pm. We had nowhere to live after giving up our apt and were sat in the truck outside the house all day. Furniture being delivered had to be left on the driveway. The fridge was even still in the box in the garage while they finished the kitchen.

That was the beginning. After moving in we found so many faults that we had builders in every day for a month.

Nothing major we thought at the time but lots of annoyances. Ceilings not put into cupboards, vents drywalled over or rooms not vented at all. Furnace in roof space the wrong way round so we were expected to crawl around it to change filters. AC units that had not been connected when it came time to use them. Holes in floors that had been carpeted over. Windows that leaked, Garden that kept subsiding in rain. A window put where they should have been a floor to ceiling stone fireplace, which we actually prefer now!!

And, the icing on the cake, when I had the back garden surveyed to estimate for landscaping I was told that the driveway had been poured onto the next door plot. We had to have the whole driveway dug up and moved 12 feet over thereby losing most of our front lawn and we are still fighting in court for compensation. If you look at the house from the front, it looks symmetrical but look closer and you can see that the shutters on one window are narrower. On asking the builder he told us that the house had been poured incorrectly and that the front is off center. Nothing can be done about it now but we have lost 2 feet of dining room. Again, still being fought in court.

To be fair to Ryan, their project manager at the time for our sub division did ensure that the majority of the faults were corrected in a timely manner, but for a house bought for over $500, 000.00 it is a mess.

I would never buy a new house from anyone ever again in this country after this experience. Pre packed on a low loader like flat packed furniture with workers who are not time served and then a mortgage which is over the top and cannot be refinanced because of the recession, we are left with a white elephant that is lovely to look at, but a nightmare to live in.

awful experience

We were looking for a Single Family Home in Kirkpactrick Farms, Aldie VA.When we had made our mind to buy the house, we started negotiating the price but we were told that unless we are willing to sign the contract, they will not negotiate on the price. For them, negotiating on price before entering into a contract was shear wastage of time. The exact words they mentioned were " If you are looking for *** price then its wastage of your and our time.If you're willing to sign the contract, only then we will talk about the price." The way they communicated was so impolite and uncivil that we had to leave their premises there and then.

So Beware of the unpolished and poor staff of ryan homes.


Ryan Homes a Name You Cannot trust! For far too long I have waited in the wings while my Significant Other, has posted technical details of our Builder’s defect, a home built by Ryan homes. I have never stepped up to the limelight to expose the emotional devastations of what living through this is like.

I thought it would consume me, but watching Ryan feast on their wealth with no regard for the lives of those that trusted them to build them a safe secure home, this is an insidious injustice that simply mustn't be allowed to continue to families all around the United States.

This is not some hypothetical of what it would be like, this is what really happened in our lives as a direct result of Ryan Homes building me a home with a hidden defect that would eventually develop into 7 different kinds of toxic molds, and usher in illness, financial devastation and losses to this day, we are far from recovery. Some parts our lives now just gone, lost in the aftermath forever.

Those happy with their current Ryan Homes, God Bless you, count your blessings, but don’t even bother to comment to me about complaining. This is not about complaining. This is about culpability and reckless abandonment from a Builder my Father entrusted right before we lost him unexpectedly, to build me my first home, so he would have peace of mind that I would have a home if anything should happen to him.

An Honored American Veteran who served our country in Wars, and worked in Washington in the Intelligence of the Pentagon. He passed away just a few weeks before the construction was completed. I thought this was one grace, this place, this builder, this haven. I had no clue the nightmare Ryan would deliver in it’s wake.

I even called them, sent packages of pictures the defect had resulted in, only to be told that they were so wealthy, with a large team of multi billion dollar Lawyers, that I could just try and see if I could do anything to them. No offers for assistance. Just a corrupt consciousness Home builder, as is in our particular case, and many others who write our website that have had awful experiences with Ryan Homes looking to use for any help we can offer them. A conglomerate hoarding their riches, their greed for wealth, no conscious reaching for more, turning a deliberate blind eye to the defective homes, and lives left to recover from ruins anyway they could find without their assistance.

My home insurance company at the time, said because of the defect in the construction of the home, they had no obligations to intervene, 3 renovations later with no assistance we sit in the aftermath of once a financially secure, debt free life, still sorting through boxes of stuff from a temporary apt we had to rent being so ill being exposed to toxins the defect introduced. We did all of the renovations by ourselves with masks on, no one helped. Now being back in our home, we are in prayer and starting to analyze how to start over, it’s not like we are in our twenties anymore.

Negligent Home Builders need to be accountable! I am sure there are some authentic and honest earnest Builders out there, but Ryan can't fit those shoes. It’s reprehensible that they get to live lives of wealth and jet setting, and we are left to unscramble the rubix cube our lives have become from buying a Home from them.

Ryan Homes a name you can trust- that’s their slogan- yeah well I did, and my life will never be the same. Our website has details and pics for those interested, just type Ryan Homes into your search engine and you will see our site on our nightmare in recovery.

  • St
    Stan Apr 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Absolutely the worst home I have ever owned. Cheap fixtures, poor trim, barely acceptable construction methods, I can go on and on.

    My house is poorly insulated (bare minimum)my gas bill is crazy in the winter.

    No wall is straight they had to redo everything.

    The plumbing doesn't line and nothing is normal stuff you can get a supply store so repairs are a lot of fun.

    You must have a home inspection done and make sure they fix everything before you move in or you will get stuck.

    Their warranty people break and damage things when they come in to make warranty repairs.

    It has been a nightmare dealing with these people. The sales people lied about everything including trim and appliance upgrades .

    Do yourself a favor and don't buy from Ryan Homes

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  • Me
    Me0130 Jun 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Check out and

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  • Me
    Me0130 Jun 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Check out and

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first time home buyer without realtor

I hope you are reading this message before you signed the purchase contract. If you are one of the victims, I just want to say I understand you pain. If you are a stubborn victim, I can only say: someone had to tell you so.

Admit it, if you are considered buying a house from Ryan homes - you are looking for a bargain.

But do you know a house is also an investment. When you invest, you look for quality stuff. This is financially.

It is also a place you live everyday. Do you want to see an eyesore everyday?

My sister told me that she Realtor told her that the quality of houses built by Ryan Homes is not good, low quality. Stubborn me, I ignore her (when making the most important investment financially and emotionally in my life.)

This is the lesson I learned after signing a contract with Ryan Homes (but luckily for me, I "wakes up" in time to cancel the signed contract - it was a close call):

My advice for home buyer is:

Don't waive any of your rights when signing a contract.

(Let me ask you this, if they are a quality builder, would they have asked to you waive your rights, especially those related to the quality of the house. You need a legal recourse when thing goes haywire.)

Don't sign the contract without a lawyer or realtor reviewing.

Don't accept any verbal promises. If they can't put it down in written form, they probably will not be able to delivery the promise. Plus, it avoid miscommunication.

Do this:

If you have any concerns, ask them to put it down on the contract. If they are unwilling to do it, it probably means "NO" to your concern.

After touring one of the unit Ryan Homes is building,

I pity the guy who is going to live there. There is an eyesore in the kitchen - the ugly cabinet - for a house someone paid for $200k - 270k!

My question for you and myself is that: Are you really saving money?

Let's say one out of hundred (I fear one out of three- is the true figure) is going to face this quality issue - how do you know you won't be the one!!!

I tell myself this: There are many houses out there. Really.

After this dreadful house buying experience, I found a new motto:

If you want to find a friend who is selling you a house, get a dog.


You are in control not them. You don't need to use their financing - just tell them you want to same discount but can stay with other lenders or you walk.

Forget the "Must finance with XXX". You can dictate the terms - don't let they fool you. You are the consumer.

  • Ma
    Manny Apr 28, 2009

    We are in the begining process of purchasing one of the Ryan homes in delaware. Most of the complaints that we've read soo far is a building problem as far as the leaks are concerned. The mortgage reps quoting one price and at closing they quote another price which made one person go into foreclosure. There is little to no supervision with the actual people working within the house.
    The salesreps are very inviting and informative... they're doing their job. I would wait a while before buying one of these homes...this is our first home that will be built and I really don't want a nightmare home built with our hard earned money. If there are any other people who heave had a bad deal, please feel free to post your comments...we haven't really heard of anything in Delaware...but if soo please post it. We are days away from purchasing a home in Smyna, Delaware.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Carolyn May 30, 2011

    well ! Im glade that I have read the comments and I will make sure that I will read all the fine print and make sure they will put everything in witten befor I sign anything and I know what to look for I will have a lawyer with me. Thank You for all the information. I hope you found a house that you are satisfiy with. Ms. Carolyn

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don't buy, don't believe!

Bought a Home from Ryan Homes and was sold a community with a pool, clubhouse, ball-fields, ponds etc. to be...

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