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Royal Holiday Club / class action lawsuit!

1 900 constnant /avePeekskill, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 9144267901

Are you all ready for a Class Action Law suit, we will reveal the details to all to who wish to sign up against the clause our Lawyers group found, that will win our case. CNN Larry KingLive, is hosting a interview with us, will will let you know further on the date and time. Moreover, we are also pursuing the Mexican entity Concord servicing corporation out of AZ.

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  • Co
      16th of Mar, 2008
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    Looks like finally RHC will be forced to shut down. Their shareholders!!! please note of the listings, sell your is going to the's in the late 90's in the US.

  • Aa
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    PS We will do what we can to help them go broke. We are disputing the charge with our Visa Bank, but may need to get legal help. Also willing to support any other actions against these creeps.

  • Se
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    Where can I join the class action suit? I am trying to cancel my yearly membership fee and they are trying to claim that I need to pay it for 30 years. I have my contract and there is nothing which says I have to pay it for 30 years. I already paid the purchase fee for the right to use it for 30 years.

  • An
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    My husband and I bought the membership, we tried to cancel it the next day, but Lic. Alatorre, of Puerto Vallarta refused to accept our cancellation letter. We send that cancellation letter to Mexico City (Travel Experience, one of the names they use) but they ignored our written request. We didn't hear anything from the company...
    We filed a dispute with our Visa credit card, we won the dispute and our visa credited 24, 564.10 into our account. we thought our problem was solved forever... and in a way IT IS! But then RHC started sending letters and phone calls saying that WE HAVE to pay them, that they didn't cancel our membership. Also, Concord Servicing Corporation is threatening with affecting our credit if we don't pay the annual fee of $590.00 they call everyday..

  • Ga
      22nd of Mar, 2008
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    In December 2006, for the first time in our life we bought a vacation package and spent 1 week in Oasis Cancun resort in Cancun, Mexico. We had a great time there! The people in the hotel invited us to their presentation of Royal Holiday vacation program and we agreed to attend it.

    It was not our first presentation of vacation programs so we were aware of the program basic rules. There was one big difference though – this was ALL INCLUSIVE vacation! We asked the sales representatives several times if the package includes the All Inclusive option and they confirmed!

    So in the 5, 000 HC package we were promised to have:
    -1 week vacation at any place listed in a big catalog with resorts (the RCI catalog);
    -the ALL INCLUSIVE option included in our package, except in resorts where it was not provided at all (e.g. in Europe, Hawaii).;
    -treatment as VIP guests with black bracelet – in the hotel and all restaurants in the complex;
    -cooperation for providing low rates of airplane tickets.

    On our question how come the price was so good we were told that this was a direct sale, with no dealers in between.
    We were very careful not to make a mistake and went through all documents provided before signing the contract. There was nothing suspicious and we signed the agreement, satisfied of everything we have heard. The sales people took the documents signed by us to the Manager in order to be signed by him and returned them back to us in a nice folder. We didn’t look at them any more since everything was carefully reviewed before signing.

    We have been making our monthly payments through the entire 2007, also paid our Maintenance Fee of $335.00 in January 2008. Then… the Big Surprise came! When we tried to book a vacation for 2008, it came out that neither the All Inclusive option was included, nor it was 1 week vacation – our 5, 000 HC were giving us very, very limited options for a vacation, totally different from what we have been promised! After showing the document we had in our contract for 1 week stay in Oasis Cancun resort (please find it attached) we were given “one time exception” to stay for 1 week at Oasis Cancun, of course paying $240/night for all 3 of us for the All Inclusive option. So in fact our 5, 000 points were nothing even close to what we were promised! The sales people have been directly telling us lies for 3 hours – assuring, promising, insisting…

    After reviewing carefully the contract we have signed we came to the conclusion that page 3 of the contract has been replaced – this is where it is mentioned that the All Inclusive option should be purchased additionally. Please note that the contract does not require our initials or signatures on this page! There is absolutely no problem it to be replaced after we sign the contract and obviously this is what has happened.

    On the top of everything there is a statement in the contract which is just shocking – it is stating that no any verbal statements are valid, just this written contract! We have never met this type of statement in any agreement! What does it mean? That the sales people could say anything to the customers even if it wouldn’t be valid?!? What type of business is this?!?

  • Ph
      9th of Apr, 2008
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  • La
      18th of Apr, 2008
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    Purchased time share from Royal Holiday at Puerto Vallarta, traded another time share which was a trade in. Later get a call from International Leisure Group that they wanted to buy 16 weeks, to activate my weeks and they would refund activation fee plus the the sale of weeks.

    I found out later that both companies are frauding time share buyers at Puerto Vallarta. Mexico. I have hired an attorney from Mexico. We went to Mexico City to their office and were surprised to see me there.

    I am demanding my money back plus compensation for miss representation, fraud, false promises, broken promises and more.

    My attorney is negotiating to get all of my money back and let me tell you per my attorney since we travel from the United States and are having a good time they get you for every penny they can. The contracts are fraud and use their banks which makes it harder to fight is a third party charge.

    I recommend not to sign contracts tell them that you need to bring a blank contract to an attorney to look it that you will not sign nothing. I personally will not buy time shares in Mexico unless I have discuss it with an attorney.



  • Is
      19th of Jan, 2018
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    @Laura R. Ruiz can you please provide/recommend your attorney's contact information?

  • Ch
      18th of May, 2008
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    My wife and I originally wanted to buy time share at the Paradise Beach villas in Aruba. When we set up the appointment we thought that’s what we were doing. We found out, after a sales pitch of over 4 hours, that RHC was just a service that rented time share there. We asked about availability of units at Paradise Beach and the RHC sales agent said that it would never be a problem as they owned a large block of units there for their members. As a sales incentive we were given a free week as part of the package. I asked if that was for a studio or a one bedroom. He stated a studio, but not to worry, that the reason for the extra 15000 points he was giving us was so we could upgrade to a one bedroom. We purchased a point package that day. We were not given a resort guide as they did not have any but said they would send us one. All of our paper work was completed and we left the sales office. Upon returning home to the states, we had to request that the resort guide again be sent. Finally 2 months after our original paperwork was done we received the book. We decided to use our “free” week to go back to Aruba and called to schedule our trip. My wife spoke to Paloma. She informed my wife that our requested date was not available but we could go some other time or go somewhere else. We were not able to reach any solution and said we would call back. We called with an alternative date and they said that we couldn’t use our free week and the bonus points together. We explained that we had been promised otherwise when we purchased with RHC. He basically said take it or leave it, those were the rules. We have called three more times and still no return phone calls from her or anyone else. This has been going on since 3/11/08. How can we use our time share if they will not even contact us??? We never received any phone calls until we sent a complaint to the BBB. Amazing that RHC finally called us after they received a notice from the BBB. RHC does not provide the services they promised. They made promises at the sales promotion that they have now reneged on. They maintain that we received the resort guide with the operating rules, but in fact we never saw these nor did we receive the book until 2 months after purchase. We feel that RHC did not fully disclose their rules to us. RHC is now calling this fiasco, that what we reported to the BBB, some “confusion. Alberto from Royal holiday did call us after we complaint to the BBB and said that if we want to book Aruba that we could if the dates are available. But if it was unavailable that week we could go to another royal-holiday resort, maybe in the US. He could set me up right now if I had some dates in mind. I stated that I only wanted Aruba to begin with and really wasn't interested in any other location. I told him that we have tried to book Aruba since 3/11 and once was told not available and the next three times that we will call you back with help getting Aruba. They never called back. That the sales person told me I would have no problem to book Aruba. He indicated that RHC was providing service, if you consider not calling us back after numerous calls and emails. I fail to see this as service and would like to know how the sales agents can make promises to get the sale and then have the company renege on the promises without any recourse for the buyer.
    We feel that our contract should be voided and RHC should return all monies paid by us since they are not fulfilling their part of their contract. Lack of service, sales coercion with false promises and not fully disclosing all the rules seems like grounds to cancel this contract.

    Thanks for your support

    C Sipiora
    Contract number 566562

    Contract number 566562

  • Ja
      12th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    My husband and I were also scammed by Royal Holiday.
    We purchased in the Dominican Republic, and bought the silver points package. We were told at that time, ( and have stamped paperwork along with the contract) stating that we had ulimited reservations at the Bavaro Princess, and the Ocean Blue Hotel. We toured both properties, Ocean Blue being the newer and nicer property. We purchased based on the fact we could go the ocean blue. It was not so much about the points. ( I have another timeshare, with a mexican company and never have had problems in 20 years.)

    We did recieve a vacation with the bonus certificate, and have another scheduled, but with the second we were told comflicting information, and outright lies.

    I have just tried to get reservations for Ocean Blue in January and were told they were no longer with RH and we could not go there. I called, the two hotels, RC customer service, spoke with mgr who told me too bad, and was also hung up on!

    Through an e-mail I was informed that in line seven of the contract paperwork they can cancel any hotel at any time, and any other verbal or written paperwork does not count. Told that it was a promotion at the time. We, of course were told no such thing. Plain and simple this is fraud, and would not have purchased based on that info.

    This company is sleazy and underhanded, and we would happily join a class action suit. I have invested many thousands of dollars, and am extremely disgusted.

  • Bo
      2nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    We had a similar experience with Royal Holiday. Our salesman lied to us . We disputed the payment with Visa, but we lost because they said we signed a contract, so we went to Ixtapa and tried to enjoy ourselves. Last year, the Park Royal moved down the road and became an all inclusive resort. We bought the time share because it was not all inclusive. I know many other members who are not happy about the new all inclusive rule. We all feel it is a breach of contract. We can tell you several things that Royal Holiday did to us and we have documented them. We would love to sue them.

  • Al
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    Unfortunately, I purchased a trial vacation package from Royal Holiday only to find out when I tried to use the program that nothing works the way it was presented. I too am interested in joining a class action law suit. Please send me any information you have about a law suit and steps I should take to get my money back.

  • Fl
      10th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    my husband and i joined in 2007 paid thousands to join we paid our yearly fee in 2008 and e-mailed back and forth and was still unable to get any services from the money we invested we paid our own airfare and hotel to go back to aruba and confront them when we got there we found out they had shut down and moved some place to rob people of their hard earned money where ever i need to sign up please let me know i don, t have money to give away and can, t afford this thanks donny and flora jordan

  • Eh
      10th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I would be interested in information regarding the class action suit against Royal Holiday Vacation Club

  • Cb
      28th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    My husband and I also purchased with Royal Holiday in Nassau in June 2008. I was promised three extra weeks a year for five years at any of their hotels in Mexico or the DR. When I tried to use my "extra week", I was told by a sales rep at RH headquarters that according to my contract (first paragraph, last sentence, I could only get these if I had paid for the whole package (i.e. $7000 for 5, 000 credits ) within 90 days. This is not how the sales man in Nassau explained things to me. I was told that I could begin using my vacatin in Jan 2009. I would be interested in joining a class action suit if one is started.

    I have already called VISA as well as the BBB of South Florida.

  • Jm
      20th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Royal Holiday is a COMPLETE ripoff. My fiance and I bought into the program and paid up-front in full. We have used them twice and attempted to use them MANY times, but can never get booked. The two times we used them, we were put in a hotel less than acceptable but with lots of empty promises. We tried to get our money back after our 1st failed attempt to book travel. OF course they refused. We've sent letters, emails, you name it, but to no avail.

    I certainly wish to be a part of a class action suit if one is started.

  • Ra
      13th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Please send me any information or way to go about taking legal action against Royal Holiday. Our story is the same as so many of yours. We just want out of this nightmare!! Thank you!

  • Ba
      18th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Is this an active and current class action suit? If so, I would like to join. Will someone please contact us?

  • Je
      20th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Please if someone could contact me regarding the lawsuit with Royal Holiday I would greatly appreciate it. All the comments I have read unfortunatley apply to me aswell. Please help me get out of this robbery timeshare with Royal Holiday. Please send me all the information needed to become a part of this Lawsuit. Thanks!

  • Ro
      24th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Had this silver(20000) for about 10 years. First three years of travel we had some dumps to stay in. Between a 1 an 10 I give it a 2. We got lied to alot during those few years.Bob

  • Yu
      27th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I've sent complains everywhere about these thieves, like everyone else I bought my 20, 000 points membership based on lies 2 years ago. I, ve tried to book trips multiple times but haven't been succesfull they are always booked, any info about how to joint this lawsuit would be much appreciated.

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