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I had the misfortune of visiting your Smyrna location in GA and meeting your rude cashier Iris this morning. There was one person in front of us that was finishing payment but the cashier Iris told my wife and I "ya'll need to move over there" pointing to the waiting line which was set up in case there are long lines. Iris had the nastiest look on her face I have ever seen when she made this statement. The tone with which she said this was as if my wife and I were her dogs. When she finished ringing up the customer in front of us only a few seconds later, she waived us over to her register. Again, this is a very rude way to communicate with customers. When I asked her why she is so rude, she responded "I wasn't being rude at all" at which point your "loss prevention" guy stepped behind the counter with the purpose to intimidate us into being quiet. This is all very disturbing behavior...

My wife shops at your Hiram, GA location regularly where they have always been courteous but after this incident I can assure you she will never step another foot into any of your locations. You really should ensure you hire more appreciative and courteous employees at your Smyrna location. It's disgusting the way we were treated...

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  • Mi
      16th of Jun, 2010

    Sounds like you're over reacting. There is a waiting area for a reason. Stay there.
    She also couldn't "waive" you over, /wave/ perhaps. Would you have prefered her to scream "YO! It's your turn!" ? It's SOP to motion for the next guest, you then approaching her with an attitude "Why are you so rude?" bs is indeed YOU being the rude one.
    I'm guessing you were either having a bad day and thus taking it out on the poor cashier or you were having your male PMS time, either way, stop being a drama queen, breathe, carry on.

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  • La
      29th of Jul, 2010

    you have to understand we are busy people. its not out fault! we get hundreds of customers a day. its hard to keep up. if you dont like the service then suck it up. go somewhere else. we try our best.

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