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6:00 PM, Tuesday, June 12, 2018, I shopped at Ross in the Market Place, Tustin, California. My accumulated purchases were nearly $500.00. Usually on Tuesdays, Ross gives 10% discount to the seniors. Well, being a senior, I forgot that it was Tuesday. I was ready to pay AFTER the cashier had already rung the purchases... Suddenly, I remembered it was Tuesday. So, I asked for the discount. She had to call the supervisor to unlock the cash register to fix the error. The supervisor was irritated. He looked at me and said: "I won't fix it next time. You have to ask for the discount before the purchases were finalized.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Tustin, CA" I said: "Gee, sorry, I didn't remember. Don't you ask when you see an older person?" He coldly replied: "No!" and walked away. Gee! He should watch his customer etiquette. I recommend that on Tuesdays, the cashiers should remind the seniors that it's Tuesday. We're aging. Our brain is also aging! The bossy supervisor should take the Customer Service 101 class or be fired! On the contrary, when I left this store and went to the one in Centre on Seventeenth, Santa Ana, the employees there were polite, smile, and reminded me that it was Tuesday. I felt good shopping there. Thank you for reading my pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

Jun 14, 2018
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      Jul 02, 2018

    He had no place telling you that. When I worked for Ross this happened all the time for whatever reason it was just forgotten, a simple mistake, and without fail it was as soon as the transaction was finished, but we never had an issue correcting the problem. At my store we would apologize. Process the transaction as a return, and rescan the transaction with the discount. It was an inconvenience in that the customer had to wait a few extra minutes, but 9 times out of 10 they would say that it was fine as long as they got the 10% off. As far as I know (I didn’t work every Tuesday, or the entire day) we never made an issue out of it. We’d much rather have a staisfied customer. Most of our shoppers getting the discount on Tuesday were regulars. A lot of the times when we’d forget the discount it’s because we’d gotten caught up in conversation. These were people that had faithfully shopped the store for years, knew us by name, always treated us with dignity and respect (something that many people in retail don’t get). I would always assume full responsibility, and immediately correct MY mistake. I do apologize that you had that experience. I no longer work there, nor do I represent the company. My suggestion if they ever refuse to give you the discount, immediately return it all making them think you just don’t want it, then tell them you’d like to purchase it again with the discount. That is if you still want it after all that.

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