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bad customer service

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Ross Dress for Less
Moscow, Idaho
United States
Today I was at the Ross store in Moscow, Idaho. I had my purchases and was heading for a quick check out when I ran my credit card through and it did go through. No problem with my card as was shown shortly after at a nearby store. The checker said run it again, which I did. After 3 more repeats of this and no action, the manager came and for another 10 minutes of waiting there was still no go with their system. I tried writing a check. The system would put it through either. I asked the clerk if the charges would go through and she said no, not if a receipt isn't issued. After waiting 15-20 minutes, we finally gave up, abandoned our merchandise and left the shore, assured that no charges would go through to VISA.

When we came home, I found 5 charges, all for the same amount on our VISA account. I called the store. The manager had left. The sales associate called him and he did call back on his way home. Nevertheless he refused to help me in any way until the morning, was still mad that we had walked out (after 20 min. of standing there and running our credit card 5 times for nothing!) without the merchandise. And he hung up on me when I said that we had been lied to that the charges would not go through. I have never received not just poor customer service but disrespectful lack of service with no regard whatsoever for the customer's time, convenience and account safety.

Buyer beware at Ross Stores
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N  23rd of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
I work for Ross and it was a nationwide thing. Every Ross across the country were having problems with their debit, credit, and check systems. So calm down you'll get your money back and you know you'll be back buying the ugly dresses and shoes.
A  23rd of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
I was at a Ross store in the Houston area and had a similar experience. My card was run 3 times and finally the cashier said the card was declined. I called the credit card company and they said the card was run 3 times with the 3rd time resulting in a charge to my card. Ross says it was voided, but my credit card company said they didn't see any void. I called the customer service number given to me by the store where I sat on hold for 58 minutes before talking to someone who said it was a nationwide "banking problem" and they couldn't help me until today and for me to call back. I said I didn't want to wait on hold for another hour and she assured me they would have personnel in to handle the calls and I shouldn't have to wait. I have now been on hold another 59 minutes! My merchandise is supposed to be held in the store, but..come on, this is a Christmas present! Merry #@%* Christmas!
N  24th of Dec, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I went to the Ross Store in Brickyard, Salt Lake City, Utah. I had the same experience, except I was paying with a $ 500 gift card from Wells Fargo. When the cashier said to swipe the card for the $ 40 purchase I made, it did not go through the first time, so we ran it a second time, the transaction went through for the amount of $ 40. However, when I went to go buy groceries later at Smith's, the gift card declined, it was so embarrassing. So, I called the gift card company through wells Fargo and they told me that Ross had the amount of $500 dollars and it was pending and they could do nothing until Ross reversed the charges. This is where my nightmare begins, because Ross charged the entire amount of $ 500 and I had no funds available, I had no gifts to put under the Xmas tree, I wasn't able to buy groceries, run errands I needed to before Christmas. I was late to pick up my mother by 30 minutes because the manager at the store could not get anyone at customer care to pick up the phone at 9pm. I then had to come back to Ross at 9 am and have the manager of Ross sit on the phone to try to get ahold of anyone who could reverse the charges, which she figured out they charged me 10- 12 times for one purchase, she sat waiting on the phone for 2 hours. So because of all this my Christmas has been ruined. Supposedly their was a glitch in the point of sale process, which caused this. This is unacceptable as this is not just a $ 50 dollar mistake. This was a $ 500 dollar disaster which caused my family a very unmerry Christmas. Ross has said they will reverse the charges but I have yet to see anything show up on my gift card. Thanks to Ross Dress for Less, this was not only a horrible shopping experience but a very sad Christmas weekend. ~ Shannon P- Utah
N  7th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Wow Shannon, your comment TOTALLY makes sense... NOT! It's not mathematically possible for a company to CHARGE you more than the total times it was rung! If it was swiped twice, the most you'd be out of (temporarily, mind you) is $80 - not this $500 you claim to be missing. I repeat - with a modern computer POS system, you CANNOT BE CHARGED MORE THAN WHAT IS ON THE SCREEN. I also particularly enjoyed the part where you initially stated your card was swiped twice but then was charged 10-12 times! This is a fun, fictional story!
N  22nd of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have a good experience from Peridress. I have purchased my wedding dress from Peridress. The dress arrive in time. It fit me perfectly. I love it so much. I will putchase more dresses from them in the future.
D  22nd of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
In response to Mr. Voice of Reason.. yes $ 500.00 was deducted from the gift card. It was so bad that the manager of the store has given me a lifetime discount at that particular store for the hassle Ross caused me during the Christmas holidays. I have all documentation proving my case, emails with the store manager to the corporate office, and the actual receipts. So smart @ss, yes my card was charged twice, and yes because it was a gift card, the clerk with the computer glitch did deduct the entire balance of $ 500. Once for a sale, and then once for a return… then it deducted the entire amount of 500. Either way sir, you are an idiot. And on the receipt it shows multiple transactions for the same amount... totaling 500. It got resolved by my local Ross store, and you sir need to get a life if all you do is get on these complaint boards and try to make fun of people and their shopping experiences. And if you work for Ross, shame on you.
N  22nd of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
Oh and one other thing "Mr. Voice of Reason" -If you work for Ross, and it appears you must since all of your comments are directed at customers who had a less than satisfying experience shopping there... well you should be ashamed of yourself. Ross is one of my favorite stores and yes I had a horrible experience shopping there Christmas Eve weekend. You sir are pathetic, and clearly are either hired by Ross to refute the comments on this message board, or are a store employee. Thank God I don't judge the entire company based off your ignorant opinions. For the record I shop at Ross all the time, even though their computers had a glitch and caused a problem for me over the holidays. Thanks for being a real dick online. Think I will mention it to the president of the company when he calls me about the certified letter I sent him about the companies handling of my issue at Christmas. Guess I could print off all your comments online to show that someone within the company is going out of their way to lose Ross customers and destroy the Ross brand. But then again, you must be a miserable person to have this attitude and work in RETAIL.
N  22nd of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
One other thing Mr. Voice of reason.. Let me guess you are a college drop out who lives with mommy and daddy, who can't get a woman and who clings to cats for company...who enjoys spending lonely nights infront of his computer masterbating and getting off to consumer complaint boards because actual human interaction is just too much for you...guess porn isn't an option for you... You can't even handle online interactions on behalf of your company...or judging from your comments about stocking, the backroom and comments about the boxes..clearly Ross has had you at one time in the perfect company position...a place where you couldn't interact with people. Given all of the comments you have made on other posts.. I assume you work for ross and will never get promoted to a manager position because both the legal and illegal workers are more quailfied at using a price tagging gun, unloading boxes and merchandise, and have more skill at using a pos register than you have.Bravo! Excellent customer service Mr. Voice of Reason enjoy a life of minimum wage, long hours, no breaks and a future that is guaranteed to be miserable. Thank God not all Ross employees are as stupid as you are, otherwise Ross would be really hurting for customers.
N  4th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
wooowwwww shannon, you need to grow up. Seriously.

I've worked for Ross for 3 years and while we are a ### company who does shady things, I have never in all of these years, had a transaction where two swipes charged 10 times the amount of the purchase price. So while it may be entirely true, we find it hard to believe. Also, life time discount? Hahaha. Store managers don't have that power. The only discounts that cashiers are authorized to give are the 10% on tuesdays to the 55 and older crowd, and 10% off for /damaged/ merchandise.

Give us a break here. We're working with equipment that is 15 years old because the company won't update our registers. Our credit/debit pinpads are constantly going offline because it's too new to communicate with the dinosaur computer it's attached to. So if you want to complain about someone, how about the guys who work at corporate making the big bucks while we store associates get a 25 cents raise A YEAR.
N  17th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
It's one thing to comment on the ignorance of someone who doesn't know your experience at Ross, but it's another thing when you're degrading someone's work, Shannon. My first job was in retail and I swore to myself I was never going to go back that road again. The pay never equals the work of labor (surprise surprise), and customers can be outrageously rude themselves. I can't imagine what the employees at Ross feel at the end of a long shift after cleaning up piles of clothes that customers throw around carelessly, so cut them some slack and maybe they wouldn't give the public such bad customer service.
N  26th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I got a good laugh reading all the employee complaints. I'm guessing most are pt employees by the management comments. But when it comes time to bash on a customer you're all FAST on speaking Ross policy. So in the 10 hours a week you work and lack of training, you're IT experts. FYI voice of reason, it is possible to charge a card that much, there was a huge mess over it. It happens when a cashier swipes a card over and over. Now a warning pops up because cashiers can't remember not to mess things up. Just like refunds can't go onto prepaid cards, that's been around for 5 years.So, yes Shannon it's the cashier`s fault. Jedi a manager can do whatever they want on the register, there's various security levels and they can make a discount card for anyone, I'm sure Mr.Cribb may have the authority.and wouldn't endorse this type of customer service. Read your handbook. I'm in no way promoting Ross, this company is corrupt when you dig, BTW my information comes from 8 years there. I was one of those managers who started as an associate. This was a good stepping stone, but I got tired of spending all day in the office fixing cashier screw ups

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