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Ross Dress for Less / managment

1 1620 galleriaBrentwood, TN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 615-376-0879

I am an employee and have been at this store for a ffew years and already am tired.the assitant manager has worked everyones nerves.she (assit.mng)speaks unkindly to employees, has made employees cried.when she is left in charge of the stock room it never seems to stay 100%. Then at the end of the day she blaims the stock team and gives them an choice either move faster or get fired.One day she asked a stock person to stay and help in the stockroom and ended up leaving instead of staying. She is resposible for that stokroom and is not supppose to leave untill its a 100%. Today she came in on her day off during store hours in jeans to help.All she did was remove hardlines from boxes and dump trash..after that she was in the office and left..She did not help with staging at all..No help with stripping or hanging or running racks. She never does unless there is a visit.

She has walked away from customers when she feels she is done checking out customers. Customers do not like the way she speaks to them..I have had several customers who are regulars that complain about her. Customers complain about the way she speaks to them. How she is short with them. The assit. manager feels because she speaks in a nice tone that her words are not hurtfull or condesending. She belittles people with her words and always questions the way people do their jobs even though they have been there longer than her.

Hours are always being cut but managment never feels the voids and that is there job yet they want eveerything a 100%. The employees can only do so much when is managment going to kick it up a notch. Management is always pulling people from other areas to put them on register or stock room or the floor because of a visit yet will not be back up or stand in the fitting room for 30 min. or even 15 min.

This store is losing good people ude to lack of good managment skills and work habits. Assit. ng is black yet puts down other black employees. She only gets along with about 3 people...She will allow some toeat together all the time yet when someone else does it she is quick to end that. If someone else takes a paid 30 min. break she doesnt say a word someone else takes a 18 min. break she is all up in their butt and starts pagging them.

She will twist Ross rules to make them work for her. Noone is suppose to take a lunh 2 hours before they leave and she always does and since she doesnt have to clock in or out she aometimes takes longer than an hour. She walks around looking busy but everyone sees her doing nothing.I lnow paper work needs to be done but not all day...

DOnt think this complaint is for stupid reasons I have hada a couple of jobs where Iwas not happy so Imoved on to better pay and better work ethics... Here the pay is good the job is easy but management makes it uneasy, unpleasent, many people wanna leave, and that is not good work ethics. I do not work well with rude, stupid, igorrant people. What ever issues she has she also brings to work and she is the only one.

This needs to be confronted and taken care of. She has gone from onestore to another and issues are still the same. That should raise a red flag...


An unhappy employee

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  • Ja
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    she( asst. magr ) left our store at 100 oaks to come to your store...I think she is going to be your next store manager since the Manager is gone now...Im sorry.

  • Di
      26th of Jul, 2009
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    I was just at the Buena Park Ross, bought 5 items, came home. Noticed that I only had 4. Went back with my reciept. Was treated like a criminal!!The manager, for some odd reason wanted to watch the survallance camera. What does that have to do with being shorted?Then balled all of my nice neatly folded clothes up and threw them back into the bag. He told me that he wasn't going to give me my money back for the stated on the reciept item, because, he could only see 4, even though the regist er and my wallet counted 5.Then I told him that I was going to have every known agency on his tail.And the money isn't coming out of his pocket, so what does he care?To be awnery, he sent me to another really long line to collect my money. I will never step foot, in another tacky Ross store again.And I was a very good customer. July 26th2009

  • Di
      26th of Jul, 2009
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    I was a really good customer, and now I will shop somewhere else.

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