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Ross Dress for Less / disasterous store

1 Bellingham, WA, United States Review updated:

I have lived in Bellingham for six years now and have not been able to shop at Ross Dress for Less. The store looks like a bums yard sale with clothes, bedding, shoes, etc strewn all over the place. You couldn't push a cart in any of the isles even if you tried. I've been to Ross Dress For Less in Idaho and have never seen such beautiful stores. I don't understand why the Washington stores can not be ran the same way. The employees look like people off the streets, dressed shabily and you have to wait in line for an hour most times to even purchase something. I would think the company would make alot more money if they offered a much more appealing store to shop at with higher classed looking employees, not to mention the store carries clothes that are crap. Whoever does the ordering for the store does not follow the commercial ads on T.V. for products. I would love to be able to shop in our store in Bellingham but will not and I am not the only one who feels this way. I am writing on behalf of at least 100 other people, all whom I either know personly or have spoken to as they have left the Ross store without purchasing anything.

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  • Bo
      19th of Dec, 2007
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    The Bellingham store is an accident waiting to happen. I have complained via email to corporate a year ago about this store and have taken pictures with my cell phone. The other day I was in the store and watched a grandmother and I assume her daughter falling while trying to get through the sheet isle. Its only a matter of time before they get sued for an injury. If I hear of anyone bringing litigation against Ross for any reason, the litigants attorneys will be getting copies of my electronic letters and pictures.

    Everyone I overheard talking was talking about the condition of the store. I wonder why the CEO does not care that the condition of his stores represent him. Of course, maybe the fact that CEO MICHAEL BALMUTH has sold off 1/5 of his shares in the store within the last 3 months may give you a hint.

  • Ti
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    I was in Vancouver shopping at Ross and i couldnt even walk down an aisle it was so trashed everything everywhere and when a lady complained to the cashier in line she left then the cashier and manager made fun of her as i was checking out.
    our store in north bend oregon is spotless and nice but not 1 friendly person works there Im wondering if a requirement to work there is to be a snooty person.

  • Su
      29th of May, 2008
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    I've been to a Ross store. I never had seen soooo much disrespect from the customers. Thowing merchendise clothing on the ground. Putting dirt marks on the stores clothes so they can get a discount. I guess the welfare has to go shopping on shopping sprees too. It is like that everyday! Think about it. If you were a emplyee you would have to spend 2 freakin hrs picking up after slobs who want something for nothing. As if it ain't cheap enough already! After closing you should see the mess and you never can get caught up. The lines are always long and busy. The cashiers can never get a dam sec to pick up OR straighten up. You know what we are all human. And their are always gonna be snooty cashiers out there. Just try not to be one yourself and that makes a world of difference in interacting with custmoers and them returning to wherever you work! Sometimes we can't help it but we have to follow the rules and unfortunely that creates angry custmers.

  • Da
      3rd of Dec, 2013
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    I guess everyone knows what kinda store Ross is, y'all know what to expect, if you want a nice store go somewhere else. You want cheap clothes? Then stop complaining cuz the mess isn't done by the associates, but from costumers. Want a nicer store? Don't leave the things on the floor and put them back where they belong! Stop saying "it's their job" cuz even though it is once an associate cleans up doesn't take more than 2 mins for y'all to unorganize it again! The assiciates have so many things to do and can't always be after y'all picking up your mess!

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