Ross Dress for Less / area supervisor at ross pay is only $1.00 over min wage

United States

If you're considering becoming a manager for this company let me give you insight, DON'T!! Your yearly raises are 10 cents to 25 cents! Yes, cents!! Your schedule is usually one month in advance but never set in stone because when other managers call out, you are stuck closing for them or opening which totally messes up your life when you make plans. They should have it that store managers are required to close 3 Saturdays a month since they only have to close once a week and ASM have to close one a month. Area supervisors shouldn't have to close on Saturday's since they get paid nothing. The holiday schedule is the worse! They open at 7am and wont close until 1am and they're even open on Thanksgivinge even though they have no black friday sales! On holidays they should close earlier. On Christmas eve they close at 10pm?? They should close at 5pm. A early shift so that way only ONE manager specifically the store manager should work that day since they get paid the most! Even on new years they should close earlier than 7pm!! They only care about MONEY and not their employees! You will be given a lot of responsibility for very LITTLE pay. If they want their turnover for management to decrease they should PAY their managers MORE. It's the managers that run the store but they don't care! Also, they should have MORE full time positions open other than managers! It would help with the turnover rate and they can actually keep their hard working people and they can start molding them into something more!!

Jun 29, 2016

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