Roses Expressrude manager poor customer support

05/05/2017 I was shopping in your Roses Express 502 Pearl St, Darlington SC [protected] Merchadice​ on the entire, nasty bathroom, Dirty Store inside and out, and I needed help. I found a Manager, LISA LEWIS was the name on her name tag while asking for help her cell phone rang and she walked away 10 minutes later I found her in the back of the store still on cell phone settings up a date. I walked away frustrated. She walked outside and began having fun with 2 girls.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Darlington, SCI went back in to complain and found another female employee and she told me that's all she does talks on phone and hangs out with family and a guy. This female employee helped me find what I needed. 1 hour in this store for 2 items. Only 1 of 4 registers open and back up. After finally paying and Leaving the store, that same Manager LISA LEWIS was still having fun outside even with customers complaining. THIS MANAGER LISA LEWIS NEEDS TO BE FIRED... RUDE NASTY PERSON...

May 09, 2017

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