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I bought a leather chair 9/08 from R2G and less than a yr later it was tore. the thread that i previously saw came out cause the arms to rip. i called them to fix it 8/09 and the first guy said cust damage even though it was tore right across the seam and u can see the thresd still hanging.not to mention it was on the inside of the chair. when i called CS to complain they sent out a 2nd guy who took pic and determined it wasa defect. i was given the option to pick something of equal or grater value because they no longer carreid this item.when i went to the store for reselect they had nothing that i wanted except for a sliding cabinet which was a red tag store item the sales guy rudley told me i NEED to pick a new item to make it easier for them to exchange he refused to exchange my order with the sliding cabinet and table and lamp set. I got very upset being they sent me way to grapevine, tx and i was the one having only 30 days to pick new furniture. I have to wait until they crdit my acct before i can pick up my new item by the way is going to be something i dont want or even contrast with my home just so i dont lose $700.the CS in mesquite is much worse they dont believe that cust or right when i bought a couch set she was all in my face because i refused the extended warranty. after feeling forced to get it they bring my furniture w a stain on it and told me to use the "cleaner" to remove the stain..what was the warranty for...back to the chair im very unhappy with this company and will never shop there again thier quality sucks and has to be the worst out there.RUN RUN FAR AWAY

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      Sep 04, 2009

    The reason you could not pick up your furniture right away is because Rooms to Go had to make sure that the old furniture was picked up which if you think about it any company would do. They had to make sure that they got back the used furniture before they gave you the "new furniture." You cant really expect them to just give you the furniture that day and then trust you to give them back the old furniture? You might be a trust worthy person but there are so many other people who would have kept both peices if that was the way rooms to go ran. So that isn't really a valid complain though I am in agreance, the first tech should have noticed it was not "customer damage." Also if you truly want Rooms to Go to go out there and clean your furniture, which is what the protection is for then call customer service again and say that you need your furniture cleaned. Easy as that. Oh and dont insult any customer service agents. They try their hardest most of the time. They can only work within the set guidelines the company gives them, they cant give you something unless policy says that they can. You were more then likely getting irrate and trying to get something which cant be done. Why dont you try opening your ers and listening to the people who try to help you next time?

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