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A retail floor Sales Professional, as I have become to define it these last four decades, is the person having an enduring and relentless will to accept and persevere the repeated agony of customer’s disdain and impersonal rejection only to be occasionally eclipsed by the ecstasy of a consummation of a sale or going home blank, periodically followed by a cancellation thereof, whilst cognizant that you must be masochistic enough to endure the same experience numerous times each workday. Yet, despite all of this, you best remain enthusiastic with a smile on your face and the fortitude to voluntarily relive this cycle numerous times throughout the day.

The aforementioned notwithstanding, the Retail Floor Sales Professional is accountable for corporate set sales goals, appeasing the customer in any sales related issue and assuming blame in most cases when they are unhappy with your product or end result- regardless of who is to blame. The Sales Professional must sell the added products or services demanded of them without concern of its efficacy or usefulness. Failure to meet those requirements will find you revisiting the “Company Trainer” who sells less and probably knows even less than you as well. Retail Sales Professionals, more often than not, are managed by individuals incapable of accomplishing the very same goals, rules and demands required of you, (i.e. do as I say, not as I do syndrome).

You must have a thorough understanding of all your products, its features, advantages and benefits, aware of its respective availability and able to convey all of this information to the consumer at a moment's notice. You must stay current and adhere to all company policies, floor rules and front office procedures, and while you digest all of this, you best remain keenly aware of your surroundings so as not to allow your customer or you become prey for the vultures that are salivating and perching close by waiting to devour that customer you felt so sure would remain loyal.

Finally, you best document most conversations, invoices or quotes otherwise customers will throw you under the bus without thinking twice, you always being the culprit and at fault despite them suffering from "Terminal Convenient Amnesia". Remember customers hear only what they want to hear. You NEVER win, they NEVER lose.

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      29th of Nov, 2010
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  • Sk
      24th of Jul, 2011
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    As a Sales Representative (not in retail because that is not what I choose to do), it is the same in all sales positions. I have to say that we have bought furniture at RTG 3 different times (used the same guy 2 of the 3 times, but he was not there the 3rd time). We went in to RTG on Friday to find "our guy, " who we were told no longer works at RTG. We said ok, and let the guy who originally greeted us at the door show us the matresses around the store. We said ok, and promised that if we decided to go with the matress from RTG, then we would find him. We discussed the promotion of a 40inch TV that came with a king size matress. We mentioned that a 40 inch might be too large for our current bedroom furniture, and he assured us that it would be a giftcard and we could buy whatever size we needed and use the rest of the giftcard for another purchase at Best Buy. We left to do more research, but decided (after measuring our furniture) that it was a good deal. We went back on Saturday and tried the matress out again. We found "our new guy, " and told him we were going to purchase it. He comes over to the matress and says, "oh well it will come with a 32 inch not the 40 inch." When I asked to talk to a manager to honor the advertised deal, the manager was a JERK!! I will be reporting this to the BBB because it was the old bait and switch. We ended up still buying the matress because it was not "the new guys" fault that his manager is a jerk etc. However, on our way out, who do we see...OUR original guy!! I will NEVER go back! If your company gave better customer service, then maybe you would have a better day. Besides, you don't have to work there...I'm sure there are several of the 1000's that are unemployed that would love to have your job.

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