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Has anyone been misled by a promotion or a Rogers Rep? I didn't realize I did until I received my last bill!! My bill went from $150 a month to $270!!!

I received a call from a Rogers Rep in mid February asking me if I'm interested in converting my BASIC Cable to a VIP cable. I told her I had no interest because I HARDLY watch TV and so she offered me a Trial service for 2 months. I asked her THREE times if there was going to be a change to my bill and she said in her exact words "Maybe a Dollar Change". I repeated after her saying "So it's only going to be a dollar change on my bill" and she said "yes". I was being very repetitive during our conversation to be reassured the information was accurate. Thinking that I would do the trial and then cancel in two months, I agreed. Never in our conversation did she mention that I would have to pay an extra $120 for the service or else it would have been an IMMEDIATE NO. She made it sound like it was free trial!

When I received my bill 2 weeks ago, I called in to the Cable department and asked to issue a refund and get downgraded IMMEDIATELY. She said I WOULD get a refund within 4 days for the difference and she would send in a case.

I called in today to confirm if the changes were made and if my refund went through. To my surprise it didn't! The rep said that he would downgrade for me TODAY (April 22). ... I thought that was done when I called in 2 weeks ago. He also told me that I won't get my refund because there's NO documentation of this trial promotion. I felt COMPLETELY MISLEAD and I'm quite upset about it. I don't think I'm going to trust another Roger promotion ever again.

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  • Jo
      24th of May, 2012

    I've had cable with Rogers since attending university in 1996. Last year I decided to subscribe to their internet and cell phone service. That was a huge mistake on my behalf. They litterly tried to overbill me for $100.00. When I contacted them with regards to this, they sent me from dept to dept. Not only do they overbill, but their service is highly questionable and they are highly ignorant. In fact, contacting Rogers is a highly obnoxious situation, as I can attest to, because I just spent the last three days conversing with this dishonest or questionable organization. And for those of whom think the government or the CRTC is going to intervene, well you are sadly delusional.
    Please, take it from me! It is consumer beware. Do not believe them, and being cynical when dealing with Rogers should aid in your frustration. Be highly cautious. In fact, I will say one last thing: Rogers is an organization of theives and liars. Sincerely, John.

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