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Rogers Communication Inc / terrible service

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I really should have thought twice about going with a Rogers bundle. 12 agents later, and I'm still angry and frustrated about their incompetence, and lack of home phone. It has now been 9 days since I have been without a home phone. I run a small business from my home, and have lost revenue for a solid 9 days! I called Rogers more than 2 weeks before my move date, to place a new order for Cable, Internet and Phone. From day one, they messed up my order, my address, lost telephone numbers and lost orders. I asked, where did the telephone number go? "It disappeared!" Clearly, the telephone number must have gone on vacation because it is MIA. On June 2/08 a technician was supposed to have come to my house to install everything. However he was unable to connect the home phone due to "provisioning" whatever the hell that means. He told me 24 hours and I should have access to my home phone. The following Wednesday, still no home phone, so I called the technical support. The agent said, "Oh no, he should not have quoted you 24 hours. It takes at least 48 hours" So when I asked him, if I would have service by Wednesday night, he replied, "Ummm, actually it'll take longer that that." So clearly, he was lying as well, because 48 hours would have been 8pm on Wed. He assured me that by the end of the week, it would be working. The following Monday morning, I still did not have home phone. I called and spoke to an technical support agent, who said that the provisioning error had been fixed, now a technician had to come and fix my problem. They have no technicians available after 8pm. Which means I need to take time off work, so they can fix their own problem. I booked an appointment from 5-8pm Tues June 10/08, which was confirmed multiple times, with the agent and his supervisor. So I get a call today at 3pm, asking me where I am, because a technician is waiting for me at my house. Apparently they had booked me in for 2-5pm. So when I demanded to speak to another supervisor, and suggested that this was now being done intentionally, because they did not like having to deal with an irate customer, the supervisor's response: "Huh... well, it's a call center, what can you do?" Really? What can you do? Is that an appropriate response? Whatever happened to professionalism, and trying to appease your customers when clearly Rogers is in the wrong. I have dealt with over 12 agents and supervisors who were rude, ignorant, condescending, belligerent and absolutely useless. I URGE you... never ever go with ROGERS!!! I am currently sending my issue to Rogers Cable Customer Care, Rogers Cable Business Office, Ted Rogers CEO & President, the Better Business Bureau, the Toronto Star, my facebook and every blog I can find. NO ONE should ever have to go through the frustrations that I have been through for the last month! Clearly your patronage means nothing to them, when they can pretty much tell you, that they can screw your order around, do and say whatever they want, because "it's a call center." DID YOU KNOW that Rogers rates UNSATISFACTORY with the BBB? Product and price is not everything. I personally will pay more for a product, if I know the service that I'm going to get is exceptional.

The issues I've written about, are just the tip of the iceberg. The comments, the problems, you'd be surprised at what's gone on. If you want to know how this ends, email me, and I'll keep you posted. I highly doubt it'll be resolved with any suitable compensation or action! What would a multi-million conglomerate like Rogers care about a customer who only pays $200 a month? Unfortunately customers are a dime a dozen. It's time we educate people on the type of service they can expect from Rogers!

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  • Ju
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    I wish I would of done my homework prior to signing up with Rogers... As I have just gone through a very similar frustrating experience dealing with Rogers.
    I cannot beleive an organization like Rogers is able to be in business while treating their customers this way.
    You are correct in saying that their call centre just don't care :(

  • Ra
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    Rogers service sucks! I was billed for a lost/stolen equipment that I have returned last May 2008 and I had an argument over the phone with the manager, I told them I'm not paying for that cable box. My account was closed and was forwarded to a credit collector. I was forced to pay, and after 1 month, I found the receipt. Since September I've been trying to get back my money, though it's only for $215.00 I am still fighting and arguing over the phone. I've spoke to 15 customer reps. and 2 supervisor and everytime I was promised that a cheque has been sent already and they even took my MasterCard Accnt. and told me that they would credit it back so it will be faster. Did I get my money back? Not at all. I am actually taking this to small claims court, it's not a matter of how much, it's the aggrevation and frustration that these management has put me through. Lies... promises and I know that this money will never be returned to me unless I go to proper authorities. I have advised my friends to be very careful about Rogers and they have to check their invoice monthly as Rogers people are very good in taking money from people. I know I'm not the only one.

  • Ro
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    Rogers has No Heart. In November 2008 Rogers phoned me to ask if I wanted to have my HomePhone at the rate of $19.95 a month. My 1st question was is this a contract, I was told NO, so agreed to the rate without a contract. Now I want to change my Homephone # to my Cellphone which is under contract and cancel my Homephone service. I am now told that my Homephone is under contract. In order to cancel my Homephone service they will charge me $10.00 a month from November 2008 until now. They also said they will charge me $20.00 a month or to a maxium of $400.00 until my Cellphone contract is finished as this would be cancelling my contract. I know for a fact that you can have your Cellphone # change for a one time flat fee of $25.00. We are in a recession and trying to reduce some of our costs. I would like anyone reading this complaint to contact your MPP to ask that we have a choice as to where we can obtain these services without being obligated to use ROGERS or BELL.

    If you have any comments please post them on my facebook at the3rdhaddy.


  • Mi
      16th of Jul, 2009
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  • Aa
      29th of Dec, 2011
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    Rogers Communication Inc - Fraudulent Promotion

    After a careful review of the flyer i received in my mail and discussing it twice with a sales rep from rogers, i went for internet, cable and home phone with rogers with an understanding that it is free for the first three months. But recently received a bill that said otherwise. I was charged 187$ on my first bill and i was told i have to pay it. when i told them i am under a promo they said i cannot bundle up the promo and it is only applied to one of the services ( the bill had only internet as a free service). I referred to the flyer again which clearly states that cable service would be free for the first 3 months. I took this to Management office of Rogers just to get an an answer that i can have the cable disconnected immediately without any early cancellation but i still would have to pay the bill. I am planning to take this issue to the presidents office of rogers and hear what they have to say on this. I have also written to the Chief Privacy officer of rogers to release notes on my account. I am a simple customer outsmart by a false marketing campaign of the company and i would like to seek a recourse what can be done in this regard

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