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3 plus weeks ago I requested to package to switch from vip to basic, 3 weeks later I'm still paying 4 vip, after being quoted 115 for new service I called feb 20 to ask wtf then told a supervis0r would call me back 10 to 15 mins on fri the 19 today it is now tues the 23 feb 2016 I finally called back to ask WTF??
rogers has completely screwed me finally after 3 plus weeks my package is changed, but 40 $ more than quoted I have lost count of h0w many times they have abused me and messed up my bill over charging me for more than 1 plus yrs every billing date I call to get it corrected

can anything ever be done regarding this

Feb 23, 2016
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  •   Feb 24, 2016

    Hi John, Mike from the Rogers social media team here. Could you please reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They'll be able to look into your issue!

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  • Ro
      Feb 24, 2016

    Hello Jon,
    Have you tried to speak with our Social Media team regarding the situation? You could reach them @RogersHelps on Twitter or and they should be able to get this situation straightened out for you.

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