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Rogers / be warned people, rogers is inept, crooked, and just down right dishonest!

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Greetings all this all started in 2006, it's a long one but please read this a people really need to know.

In April of 2006 I moved from Peterborough to Oshawa with a old friend and her husband. Before they moved they had Bell for all their services (Satellite, Phone, Internet) When we moved and they called they were told. It will cost $300 bucks to reconnect everything for you. So we said no way and called Rogers. (Our first mistake).

I myself talked with Rogers and was very through in my asking of the monthly billing for the following. 3 Digital cable boxes, Digital cable, Hi Speed Internet, and there home phone service. I was told that all together if I put them on one bill I would have a bill of about 90.00 a month plus and ppv or channels we decided to add.

So sure enough the day came and they hooked up the digital tv (the only thing that ever worked properly) but was told I would have to wait for my Internet and phone as there was a problem with signal strength. I was told I would be called to set up and appointment to fix the problem. I received no call for over two weeks.

So I finally called them. Sure enough no one knew what I was talking about. So I calmly explained myself and set up an appointment for someone to come out. Sure enough he did and told me it was a "Riser problem" and that he was going to need a head tech to fix the problem. But at least he did manage to hook up my Internet.

So once more I waited for the call, sure enough it happens again that no one calls. I call again after waiting a week and sure enough wouldn't you know it. No one knew what was going on again. So after explaining once more. I was told someone would come out and fix it.

I waited for 3 weeks, no one called. I called again, and to make a long story short over the period of 3 weeks I called about 25 times. Each time I was either given the run around or told a "service ticket" would be logged and someone would call me about an appointment. By then end of the calls I was also promised reparation for the problems I was having.

Finally come almost 3 month after my initial call I got my home phone service. Not 20 minutes after the guy left I started losing my phone and Internet for 15-30mins at a time, over sporadic times day and night. So once more I called in. This time a little more irate.

Sure enough no one knew about my previous phone calls or complaints and had no idea about my reparations. So after another long conversation I was told someone would come out to look at it and then to call in again about my reparations.

Another 2 weeks pass and finally after many more phone calls I get someone out to fix it. Eventually it was all running well. Then came the next "surprise" I get the first bill and it is for over $500 dollars. So yet again I call, after another lengthy wait on hold and being bounced around between various departments. I get the right person and explain my problem. Then was told oh no the bill is wrong but you do owe us $225.00. Now this is where I lost it, after explaining that I was told my monthly bill would be around $90.00 and that I was still owed reparations for the problems I had. We talked the bill down to $125.00. I then asked what I could expect the monthly bill to be and was told about $175.00. I was sick or arguing and let it go.

After talking with my roommates about the high bill we decided to cut back to high speed light and just normal cable, total bill $125.00 a month. But yet again when the bill came in this time the wanted $325.00. So once again I called and this time I let em have it. But sure enough they told us the bill was right, pay it or they would cut the services and send it to collections. So sure enough we paid.

We all decided to move come may, so at that time I called to cancel the services. (best call of my life) and at that time was told I had an outstanding bill of $190.00. I told then we would pay it when we could as we were moving.

I moved in with my girlfriend and due to having kids in the house and things her and I decided to get me a cell phone, sure enough she got 3 rogers and had no problems with them. But sure enough after her and I go out and drop nearly $500.00 on two new cell phones, all the protections and all the add-ons we had two nice new shiny cell phones.

But once again the bill comes in and it is for an insane amount of money, nearly $600.00 So we call in and sure enough were told that is the bill pay up or we cut you. So we pay it, less than a month later our phones are cut, we call in and are told you owe us $125.00 for the cell phones. We told them it would be paid on the 1st of the month as my GF and I are both on disability. And to please turn back on the phones. Sure enough they do and when the next bill comes in it is for over 500.00 again just for the cell phone and the Internet. (sorry forgot to mention the Internet) After much discussion we were told yes the cell phone bill is correct and supposedly she had not paid her rogers Internet bill since november of 05, now I know the later is not true. As she has bank records to prove a payment of 75.00 a month to them for it.

We were told oh, it had to be going to the wrong account. After checking to make sure it was not the wrong one. We were still told oh it must be your mistake. So after arguing with the gentleman for some time we decided screw it and canceled out Internet and cell phone services. At that time we were told there would be an $800.00 service charge for canceling the contract early. Eventually we just told them we would take it up in court.

So that is my story, I myself still owe rogers about 190.00 and she owes the a whopping 1200.00 at the moment, both her and I are looking into a class action lawsuit against them and have told there very rude and pushy collection people that as well as record all there calls to us.

Be warned people, rogers is inept, crooked, and just down right dishonest. They will offer you the world to get you as a customer then screw you at every opportunity. Among my other friend this has happened to at least 5 of them plus ourselves that I know about.

There are laws in this country against this sort of blantent thievery.

Brett R.W. Mapplebeck

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  • Je
      28th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I agree whole-heartedly that Rogers is a joke. I've come to the conclusion that they do not want competent, personable people working for them. I applied to their company a few times for different positions that I would have been extremely well-qualified for (at least by most people's standards). They would interview me several times and then suddenly declare a hiring freeze (then what the hell did you advertise for?).
    I think that if I had walked into the interview with an unintelligible accent or a smarmy, curt attitude, that I would have been a shoo-in.
    Oh well, their loss is my current employer's gain.

  • Er
      19th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I second Jeff K., their a sick joke, i have terrible service on my cell, they NEVER know what your talking about when you have a problem, and their pretty good at adding anything from 2 to 80 dollars extra on my bills every month or every second month -.- i regret not staying with telus, if telus could use ericson phones and the iphone, im sure im not the only one who would say the hell with rogers...

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