Right Toyota / sales tactics

I felt VERY high pressure here. First visit I asked 3 times for lease terms, as Toyota is offering a deal on Camry's this month (8/2010). The salesman talked around it and only offered buy or "lease to buy" terms. Also, they would not give me anything for my trade in. At worst, it is worth 4, 000 more in "trade in value" above what I owe on it. I left PO'ed. Flash to one week later... Got a call from the used car manager telling me that he can offer me $7000 more than what I owe on my vehicle. Can I come in right now? No, but we agreed on 10:00AM the next day. My wife and I arrived at the exact time, but the person I had spoken with hadn't managed to make it to work on time. I dealt with someone else, then someone else, then someone else (yes, worked by 3 people for a lease that is nationally advertised). After 1 hour and 45 minutes, despite repeated requests to separate the trade in value from the lease terms, I could not get them to separate out the two deals---what will they give me for my vehicle and what then are the lease terms? The used car manager did add in that "I thought yours was a 4WD", so I can't pay you what I thought. They also would not tell me what the breakout costs were for "Doc fees", "tint fees" and other costs. In summary, the motivation for the follow-up call to me was only to get me back in the dealership. I resisted the high pressure tactics and decided to call around to 3 other Toyota dealers in the area and never mention the trade in, only that I want to lease a car. I got a straight answer and prompt response from another local dealer who told me exactly what my monthly lease cost and down payment fees will be, including what the "doc fee" and other costs break down to . Hope to finalize the deal in a few days. If it comes through as promised, I'll write a positive review on their location. About $100 less/month than what I heard here initially (again, without any trade-in).

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